"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Sunday, January 18, 2015

{Love, Mom-Mom!}

Oh, my Chloe Bug...

Where should I begin, my sweet 16 month old wonder?

Perhaps, I love you would be a good place to start although it doesn't even begin to describe how WONDERFUL you are to me. You are my sunshine, my giggles, my happy tears, my cuddles, my first priority, and my greatest blessing!

If you're wondering why Mom-Mom hasn't blogged in so long...well, it's because I can honestly say that I've spent every spare minute soaking you up, collecting memories, and cherishing EVERY new and precious thing that you did each day.

Mom-Mom just started student teaching to finish her Masters degree and it has been AWFULLY hard leaving you. I know that you're making new friends at preschool and that you'll be proud of me one day. I am already SO proud of you!

Here are a few things you've been up to these days-

Your words:
DaDa (your favorite word!)
Bops (you LOVE the Doodlebops!)
Mo (for Aunt Mo and Mo Doodle)
Mmmmmm! and More! (especially when you see MnM's)
Thank you (you're still working on it but have definitely been trying!)
Dog (pronounced DEWG)

But...as far as walking goes...you're still not totally sold on the idea. For now, you just prefer walking around on your knees. You're really good at it, too! You will stand up and walk when we ask you to and if we clap LOTS :) But we think you're just getting a kick out of fooling us into thinking you can't do it...because you can. You just plain out don't want to yet. My strong-willed booger, you are!

You've been busy, too!

You helped us cheer on the Tigers on many occasions...
and Mom let you secretly cheer on the DAWGS when Daddy wasn't looking :)
You look great in orange and red...so the choice is yours! :)

You went to the beach *and ate lots of sand*
and your Aunts have let you eat your fair share of TASTIER goodies, too!

You had your 1st Birthday party, a ladybug party for our sweet Chloe Bug,

and Mommy and Daddy's hearts were so THANKFUL for the BEST YEAR OF OUR LIVES!

Every day with you gets sweeter, and more hilarious, and more awe-filled than the day before. What I want you to know more than anything, every day of your life, is that YOU ARE AMAZING!


Monday, May 19, 2014

{Ali's Bachelorette Party!}

For the future Mrs. Nick Lewis...
 ...my sister and FRIEND...
 ...the one who loves to pamper herself just as much as I do ;)...
 ...who has a smile so beautiful and genuine that it reminds me of sunshine and rainbows...hehe!...
 ...who is LOVED by so many...
 ....who has simply AMAZING skin, btw...:) :) :)
 ...and is about to marry her VERY BEST FRIEND!!!!...

To that AMAZING girl...

I hope you enjoyed your "last fling before the ring" as much as I did!


Pin the lips on the hunk! Hehe!

Matching PJ'S


An unexplainable incident with shrimp...in the bathroom...and it's TOO hard to explain!

Hey, Nikki!


Kissy for Sissy! LOL!!!

"Is this those carpenters?"

Gas Station...another one that's hard to explain. HEHE!



...and lastly...your Bachelorette Party is SOOOOO NOT cool unless you get thrown out of the Anderson Mall. By a Barney Fife look-a-like. Who tells you to call your ride. And desperately wants to show his "mall rules" because it's the most action he sees in months. Dude, I've been driving for 15 years!


I love you girls!!!