"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quick Product Review...

Lip Gloss-

Current FAV is Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip Shine in Lush. It's got a cardboard like (very GO GREEN) wand top which makes me feel like I'm contributing to the environment while I gloss up! It has a very nice smell and lasts a long time. I love the color...very ah natural but enough color to do the trick. It's worth trying!

Hair Spray-

At my last hair appointment I got "Rockaholic" by TIGI and it's AWESOME! It smells like an expensive perfume so in a hurry it's the only scent you need. And it has a medium hold that brushes out easily, which I like. I have also noticed much less build up so I think it's a keeper too!

Let me know if you have tried any new products and what you thought about them!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009!


Here are some of my favorite things about this Christmas:

1. Having one more family member with us this time and looking forward to next Christmas when we can hold her in our arms!!! (No announcement here...lol!...I'm talking about my little neice!)
2. Playing "3 ROUNDS" at all of our get-to-gethers!
3. Spending time with everyone I love!
4. Getting to spend time with my friend Kathryn who I rarely get to see!
5. Travis surprised me with a CRUISE in February!!! YEA! YEA! YEA!
6. Seeing all my family members happy and having fun!
7. Reading Brian a Christmas book as he fell asleep anticipating Santa's arrival!
8. Eating lots of yummy goodies...this year's favorite was my Mom's fudge and Granny's divinity!
9. Travis cleaned our house on the 23rd...I think that was my FAVORITE gift of all!
10. Celebrating Jesus's birthday!!!

Here are some photos of all our fun!

Christmas at our house on the 23rd....

Christmas Eve at Granny's house!

Christmas Day at My Mom and Dad's in Elberton!

Me and Ali got New Do's yesterday!

Yea for Wonderful Christmas Memories and a Wonderful New Year to come!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas time's a comin'....

EEEKKK (as I shriek with excitement!)....4 DAYS 'TIL CHRISTMAS!!!


I'm sitting here at the computer with my hairdryer going strong (I use it for heat when I'm getting ready in the morning and when I'm typing on my blog...would probably be so much easier to just get a space heater but it just wouldn't be the same. I started using my hairdryer when I was little and got in trouble MANY a time for burning up every hairdryer in the house!)and thinking about how much I love my friends!

I've been so blessed to have found several SWEET, FUNNY, CHRIST-LIKE friends....not just those kind of friends who come and go or just like you at the moment because it's convenient for them...but those kind of friends that love you and feel close to you no matter WHERE they are...(clearing my throat for emphasis...like Savannah...SMILE!) or those kind of friends who steal your Christmas ornament only because they know you REALLY want the gingerbread man one (even though you end up with the red boot...which you also, luckily, happen to like!)and I can't thank my friends enough for loving me as I am and accepting me for who I am! My life wouldn't be the same without you gals!

So now that I've given my "Ode to GREAT FRIENDS" let me tell you that we just ran out of toilet paper(seriously) and so that's probably going to be a problem...lol...maybe we can hold out until tomorrow...TMI...yes...but funny too???...maybe!?....

I learned something new today in Sunday School that I probably should've understood a long time ago but just never really thought about it in depth. We were talking about how people in the Old Testament got saved and instantly the "Law" came to mind and I thought it was by making sacrifices and all that jazz. But my preacher explained that people in the Old Testament were saved the exact same way as we are now (through faith in Jesus Christ by his death and resurection (can't figure out how to spell that...hmmm) EXCEPT it was just "salvation on credit" meaning that they were looking TOWARDS the cross and we look BACK at the cross but we are ALL looking to Jesus. I really liked that analogy. I'm also really looking forward to getting more active and as Preacher Tony says, "intentional" about reaching out to the lost and serving others! I really have got to start doing a better job...

All in all...what a BUSY but AWESOME weekend! Friday night we ate out and then went to a prayer gathering for Jake and listened to Trav's brother Patrick give his testimony. God did an awesome job (as if he'd do anything less!) of using Patrick to speak to all of us. Saturday I got to have breakfast with Bubba at the Barrel and then finished up my Christmas shopping (yes, yes, there were SEVERAL things I had forgotten about that had to be done at the last minute...be who DOESN'T that happen to!)and then the highlight of my weekend...my Sunday School Christmas Party! This morning we enjoyed a beautiful Christmas service at church and then had a cookout at the McCallister's...venison burgers anyone? Yum! And I highly suspect that Milo the cat is going to be severely constipated after eating a half a block of chedder cheese! So Sneaky!

To end our weekend we went to the Concord Baptist Church "Carols by Candlelight" with Tim, Vanessa, and Hunter and ate dinner at Wendys. High Rollers Baby...lol! I stocked up on the plastic cutlery and left a very happy lady! I'm so proud to be a part of a family that continuously encourages me by living lives of integrity and faithfulness. I learn so much by being a part of their lives.

Along those lines, here is another Christmas quote...

"Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas."
~Dale Evans Rogers

I pray that God will help me to be more intentional about loving and serving other and I pray that you will be BLESSED in the days to come as we celebrate the birth of our SAVIOR!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Attack of the Neighborhood Cats!!!

The other night we looked out our back door and look what we found in our carport...

AHHHHH!!! We don't know what to do to get rid of all these felines...lol!....
My uncle said he knew EXACTLY how to get rid of them..."soak a hotdog weinee in some antifreeze and let em' go at it"....NEVER! But if anyone else has any ethical ideas of how to get rid of them....please let me know!
We also celebrated Brian's 8th birthday with a party and movie last weekend and had lots of fun!


Monday, December 7, 2009

I remember why...


I was a die hard Walmart fan for many years and just recently for no real reason, just haven't been in several months. Mainly because Travis works at the Suntrust Branch in the Bilo at Clemson so whatever I need grocery wise he can pick up and we noticed that shopping with coupons at Publix and Bloom usually saves us money. Any other little things I need I usually get at Target, Big Lots, CVS, Walgreens, ect. because they're easy and convienent and I always get good service.

Well...while Travis was still not feeling well and was napping last night I felt like getting out and looking at some Christmas stuff and trying out a new recipe I found. So, since it was almost 10 pm, I went to Walmart. DUMB DECISION!

I was in line behind one lady with a FULL cart and another lady was behind me to check out. I was wondering why there were only two registers open and the two cashiers weren't playing their Holiday song and flashing their register lights like on the commercial to "make shopping easier"....

I waited patiently while the lady in front of me checked out, which took about 10 minutes, and the line was building up behind me. When it was finally my turn the cashier looked at me and said "I'm closed." I think my mouth fell to the ground. No "I'm so sorry mam" and no taking a mintue to tell me before I stood there and waited...and waited...NOTHING!

So I calmly (pretty much...lol!) moved to another line and learned my lesson...

Try to avoid WALMART!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Change of Plans...

Well we weren't able to make it back to NP as hoped for today afterall...
Travis was sick all through the night and all day today...poor thing! I think the Clemson game literally made him sick to his stomach! Just kidding-he really was sick- and is actually still in the bed now. I feel terrible for him!

Maybe we will make it next week!

So instead of going to the Christmas parade I stayed home with him because it's no fun to be that sick at home alone... wondered if he might need help with clean up duty...YUCK...that's true love, huh? I just thought he might need me. He has gotten his appetite back now so things are looking up!

Here is another Christmas quote...

"Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist."
~Francis P. Church

Yea...18 days til' Christmas!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Go Tigers!

The Tigers kick off in about 10 minutes and we are keeping our fingers crossed for a BIG WIN tonight! Just saw Florida get clobbered by Bama...a win I was also hoping for although Tebow is such a nice guy...but hey, everyone has gotta lose sometime...

Quickly...a couple of product reviews!

1. Bath and Body Works antibacterial hand soap in Yuletide Pear Vanilla...GREAT! A perfect soap for the kitchen...smells like fruit and cookies...two of the kitchen's best smells!

2. Bath and Body Works Evergreen concentrated room spray...Use on your artificial Christmas Tree to bring the outdoors right into your living room! One spray on my tree had it smelling great all day long!

3. If you've read my blogs in the past you know I love Maybelline Shiny.licious lipglosses but my last pick- #65- cinnamon apple...didn't stack up to the others I've tried. It was too "goopy" and the color didn't seem to distribute evenly upon application. It is also a little too "reddish" for me...I'm definitely more of a PINK gal! I chose it because it seemed like it would be great for the Holidays since it's reddish and cinnamon scented but trust me on this one and don't waste your money!

The next gloss I wanna try is the Loreal Hip brand with applicators on both sides (can't remember the exact name) but the colors look so modern and neutral that they have definitely caught my eye. I'll give you the scoop once I test it out!

So moving on...Friday night we had a great time eating dinner with Ken and Lynn at Fuji! Came home and watched "The Taking of Pelham 123" which I would highly recommend...very entertaining! Oooh...and another funny one is Four Christmases...and you can get it at Redbox or DVD Express for just a dollar!

Tomorrow we are going back to New Prospect and are SUPER PUMPED about it...are hearts are missing it a lot! So tomorrow should be a special day! I'm really looking forward to getting back to our Sunday School Class! And at three you can catch me and Trav in the Anderson Christmas Parade! I also have a couple of prayer requests. My little brother Brian has a TERRIBLE virus and My Granny, Ruth, is having some more problems with her feet and ankles hurting badly.

Well...the Tigers just scored...YEA!!!!...so i'm gonna go now and cheer them on with the hubby!

I'm gonna leave you with another beautiful quote for the season...

"Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time."
~Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday already?

Wow! This week has gone by really quickly!

And I'm so glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! YEA!

My doctor appt. went well yesterday...still the same sinus infection. I gotta start using my flonase everyday and taking my claritin daily and things should start to improve! I also had a mole that I was worried about but the Dr. said it looked perfectly healthy! I'm so thankful for that good news! It just reminded me even more how important it is to take good care of my skin and continue to avoid the dangerous sunshine...well I could never stay away from the sunshine I just gotta keep wearing my sunscreen and super-sized hats!

Travis was able to go with a friend to the Clemson basketball game last night and had a great time...unfortunately the Tigers lost though...boo! Trav is doing really well and is still really enjoying his job at the bank too...I'm so proud of him! He's such a great hubby! He put our Christmas tree up last night too and I've been sitting in the living room admiring it all day! Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree...lol!!

I want to leave you with this beautiful Christmas quote I came across yesterday...

"Christmas waves a magic wand over the world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful."

Aww...this truly is a time to renew our spirits and watch the magic unfold!

Yea for the Beauty of Christmas!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sick day...again...


Surprise, Surprise!

I'm at home sick again today...after a round of antibiotics two weeks ago for a sinus infection... I'm now at home sniffling and sneezing with a terrible cold!

Why do all these nasty little germs keep finding me???!

But I'm very blessed and not complaining because I know I'll be feeling much better as soon as I get some more rest...that always seems to do the trick!

And didn't quite meet my goal of having all my Christmas decorations TOTALLY finished but I did manage to get about 90% done just didn't feel like doing the 10% I had left to do last night.

But I'm still proud! lol!

And Travis is going to put the tree up for us tonight!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shop til' you drop!

Yep...we were some of those crazy people out at 4 am!

Me, Molly (five months pregnant...what a TROOPER!), Nikki, Mom, and Fran shopped til' we dropped, until 3 pm to be exact! Boy was I pooped but I met my goal and got 95% of my Christmas shopping done...AND WRAPPED!...and about 50% of my Christmas decorations out and up. So...if I can get the rest of all my decorations up by midnight I will have met my goal of having almost everything DONE by Dec. 1st...which is today! lol! I must say I'm proud...Yea me! Ha! Ha!

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I have when all of us get together...we laughed so hard my abs hurt the next day...that's the stuff memories are made of! I'm so blessed to have the best Mom, Aunts, and Sisters in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD...and I mean that with all my heart! One of life's most greatest blessings...that's for sure!

And another thing that's for sure...It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!!! YEA!

I actually even got my Christmas cards written and addressed yesterday too...It feels good to be productive! For those who know me I am a constant procrastinator and I'm always late...(aka..the Lay-dah Rada's!)so I am basking in the Glory of my new found accomplishment...actually doing something ahead of time and I tell you...It's a GREAT FEELING!

Another highlight of my Thanksgiving break was getting to see my friend Kathryn, who I haven't seen in quiet awhile and she's so sweet!!! We ended up talking for about four hours and I think we could've talked 4 more! Please say a special pray for her and her husband Stan who is deployed to Iraq right now...every pray helps!

Sunday was also wonderful...Me, Trav, Vanessa, Tim, Patrick, and Ken all were at Church together and it felt great all sitting together as a big family! Trav got to spend lots of time with his Dad and brother and had a great time with them. We are looking forward to spending more time with everyone over the Holidays!

Well...Just a little update for now! Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day filled with many blessings!'

Yea for PLANNING AHEAD...who knew it worked so well!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thankful for my WONDERFUL HUSBAND!

Ready, Ready, Ready, Ready...Ready to Run!

Ali, Morgan, and Meagan enjoying Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving last night at the Cracker Barrel!

Celebrating in Elberton!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Give Thanks!

I really loved today's scripture verse..."Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and for ever." ~Hebrews 13:8

On a day that we gather together to give THANKS for all the blessings in our life I think it's especially important that we THANK God for being who He is...an unchanging, unconditionally loving God! With all the changes life brings we all need a little something we can count on and He IS IT! And I am very very THANKFUL for that!

I'm also very THANKFUL for the time I got to spend with my family tonight at Cracker Barrel! We met with my Dad's side of the family and had a great dinner together. When Brian got ready to order he said "I'll have a pancake and what else ya got?" HILARIOUS! Everyone was excited to see Molly's growing baby bump...awww!...and I got to meet my cousin's new boyfriend. I really enjoyed it and hope it might become a tradition or atleast that we'll be able to do it more often! We don't see each other that often but when we do IT'S THE BEST TIME EVER!

Tomorrow morning Travis, his dad, and his brother are all running in the Electric City Gobbler to benefit AIM, a local food pantry. Brian is spending the night with us tonight and we're gonna get up early to see them off and then he's gonna help me cook my green bean casserole...he's such a GREAT helper in the kitchen! Then we are heading off for Elberton to have Thanksgiving dinner at my Mom and Dad's house and I can't wait!

Well... let me get back in there and watch my two favorite guys play some Madden...and TRY to convince Brian to go to bed...lol...

Gobble! Gobble!

Yea for TURKEY DAY!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

These are a few of my fa-vor-ite things!!!

A friend recently blogged about her most favorite tried and true beauty products and indulgences and I really enjoyed reading it! I even got some ideas for some new things to try! Hope you enjoy....I'm also going to start blogging about new products I try to see how they stack up! I have always LOVED all this girly stuff....YEA!

Blush- Nars "0"...the very very best!

Lipgloss- I haven't used lipstick in a few years but I am a self-confessed "Lipgloss-aholic!" I'm currently using CO Bigelow Mentha lip tint in Violet Mint from Bath and Body Works, Maybelline shiny-licious #85 in chocolate cherry,and a shiny light pink gloss from Sephora that I got while in NY last April.

Foundation- I LOVE Bare Minerals but to save money lately I switched to Loreal Bare Naturals and it is just as light, fresh, and wonderful as the more expensive brand.

Eye Shadow- I use a sparkly white wet and wild every single day that I've had for about two years and I don't know WHAT i'm going to do when it runs out!

Eyeliner- I just use black or brown eyeshadow for liner and right now its just a basic drugstore brand that seems to work great!

Moisturizer- I really like the Equate brand complete beauty lotion with SPF 15! Don't forget the sunscreen!!!

Mascara-I am really liking maybelline lash stilleto right now! It's super lenghtening and has a really small brush which I like because it reaches each little lash!

Facial care- Equate Antibacterial foaming face wash...I've been using it since college and NOTHING works better for me and good ole' classic oxy pads....I love the tingle and it really exfoliates well!

Shampoo- I have been very pleased with my last purchase which is Bed Head Dumb Blonde...it helps remove all the buildup I get sometimes because if you know me you know I LOVE hairspray! And speaking of...

Hairspray- Nothing beats RUSK W8LESS but to save money lately I've switched to Tres Semme 4=4 which is REALLY good and light weight so I might stick with it...who knows!
I am also using d:fi firm hold hairspray right now for when I tease the underneath of my hair and it's a MIRACLE! This stuff doesn't move but then magically it easily brushes right out...gotta love that!

Conditioner- Matrix Biolage Color Care Conditioner...the shampoo is really good too I'm just not using it right now. I like to switch up the kind of shampoo I use every now and then because my hair seems to feel better if I do.

Brush- I don't use a regular brush but you absolutely MUST get a TeaZe comb by Phillips if you want to add volume to your hair...it's amazing!

Lotion- Right now I have Twilight Woods in my purse because Vanessa gave me some and I really like it...It's sorta vanilla/woodsy and it smells like cold weather which I like! For outta of the shower use I really like Lubriderm Advanced Therapy for Extra Dry Skin because I get really dry skin sometimes. It seems to be really theraputic and actually hydrates my skin. I am also really into Winter Candy Apple at Bath and Body works although I haven't splurged to buy any yet but I highly recommend it!

Hand Lotion- my fav is 100% Look Ma New Hands from Bath and Body works...very indulgent and WORKS!

Hand soap- I ADORE Jergens Cherry Almond! The lotion is so good too!

Body Wash- Other than the Nutcracker Sweet I just got (see below!) my FAVORITE is Sea Island Cotton from Bath and Body or anything super creamy and "coconutty-smelling"!

Deodorant- I have used Teen Spirit since I was about 12 and I will use it til' the day I die! Who was you have to grow up?! My favorite is Sweet Strawberry which I'm using right now.

Ok...so that's what I'm currently using in my beauty arsenal! lol!

But I will keep you updated on my newest and best finds in the beauty world starting with something oh so wonderful I got just today!

I went into Bath and Body Works to get some Christmas gifts and I found a little something for myself which I know is SO bad right here at Christmas but I just COULDN'T resist splurging just a little! I got the Nutcracker Sweet 3 in 1 shower gel/bubble bath/shampoo and it's truly a little piece of heaven! I ran home and took a shower ASAP because I was so excited about it and I just can't wait to use it again. I'm not sure it would appeal to everyone but it has a sweet, buttery, baked good smell that is to die for!

Also I tested the CO Bigelo Warm Butter Rum lipgloss at Bath and Body today and it is definetly on my TO TRY list because it just smelled so yummy and reminds me of Christmas time for some reason...delicous!

Hope you enjoy and please share your favorite list if you can!

Yea for being a girl!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Travis and I are just cleaning up the house a little and waiting to go to church around 6 so I decided to take a little break from the cleaning (imagine that!)and tell you about our weekend!

We had a great time at the Clemson game! GO TIGERS....ON THEIR WAY TO TAMPA BAY!

We met with Travis's business client and his little daughter and they were very nice! The weather was perfect, although it got a little bit chilly towards the end, but my super sweet hubby got me a cup of hot chocolate which did the trick to warm me up! Last night after the game we were just lazy and watched some more football on TV before I fell asleep on the couch.

Today I was able to go out and get a LITTLE bit more of my Christmas shopping done...slowly but surely I'm checking off my list! I'm one of those "DO IT NOW!" type people so I really wanna have every single present bought and wrapped by the first weekend in December...so we will see how that goes! The main reason is because I wanna relax and soak in every single bit of CHRISTMAS I can once December rolls around and I don't want the stress and too much hustle and bustle to take away from what I really love about the season....reflecting on the Birth of our Saviour and spending time with the people I love most!!! I just want to enjoy every single second without stress or worry! So I'm working hard to make that happen!

Turkey day is quickly approaching! Only three work days this week too...my I'm a happy gal!
Oh...and Nikki found her brides maids dresses and she is making lots of plans for her wedding which is really exciting! And I found some clothes for baby girl McKnight and I can't wait til she's here to wear them! Why is buying baby clothes the most fun thing in the whole world!?

Well..gotta get this hair fixed for church! Have a great week!

Yea for a week full of blessings!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Just found out the tickets are not actually in the Suntrust Box...but hey...beggars can't be choosy and I'm still just as thrilled...I'll just have my stash of gummy worms and diet mountain dew in my purse to enjoy during the game! No biggie! lol! I can't wait!

Started listening to Christmas music today...GREAT!!!

My meeting is about to start so bye for now!

Yea!...Yea!...Yea!....that's all I've got to say!!!

Oh my goodness...I'm having an excitement overload!

Travis was able to get tickets for the Clemson game this weekend!!!
We haven't been able to go to any games this season so this is a REALLY BIG DEAL for us! What a blessing!

Travis is taking a business partner and guest and our seats are in the Suntrust Box...so ofcourse my first questions to Travis was..."so that means we get free food and drinks???" I'M THRILLED!!!

So...in other news...

I've managed to get a little more Christmas shopping done! I went to the Jockey lot with my friend Jessica and Bette and we got some great deals! Too bad it just got raided for stolen goods....oops

I'm just so excited about the Holidays! Thanksgiving is almost here!!! This year I'm making:

Green Bean Casserole -One of Janet's recipes that I LOVE!
Apple Cake- Another one of Janet's recipese that I LOVE!
Apple Cider
Spinach and Artichoke dip for an appetizer
and a Turkey with "feathers" made of kabobs filled with fruit and veggies!

My mom has taken over the duties of hosting Thanksgiving for my family in Elberton. My dad is even doing the Turkey this year....my Granny and Pop need a break and need to have some time to relax and enjoy...they've put in plenty years of Turkey cookin'!

Well...gotta run....but hope eveyone is having a very happy Thursday!

And I'll end with this...GO TIGERS...I'll see you on Saturday!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009


I got some great news today...

My Granny's tests came back and the doctors told her she is healthy and there is nothing for her to worry about! I'm so thankful and so grateful to God for hearing our prayers for our Granny! She still has to have a few other little tests run but overall she is going to be just fine! Yea!

I think we're just gonna hang out at home tonight and maybe get a pizza...I'm in the mood to cuddle up on the couch and have some pizza and watch a movie with Trav! Sounds good, doesn't it?!

Tomorrow I might go out and try to get some more Christmas shopping done and just do some window shopping! It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend and we better enjoy it because I bet there won't be too many more sunny days to enjoy before the colder weather starts setting in..which I'm actually sorta looking forward to because I have lots of scarfs I'm ready to wear!

I've still got some pics from the Aquarium coming, just haven't been able to get them downloaded yet...but hopefully will have them up soon!

Happy FRIDAY everyone!

Yea for GOOD NEWS about Granny!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sick day...bummer...


I'm at home today trying to get well from whatever it is that's got me feeling pretty crummy!We went to Atlanta yesterday and had a GREAT time despite the constant tylenol popping! I can't wait to tell you more about it and show you some cute pictures but for now I'm going to take a nap and try to sleep off this cruddy old cold...
Have a happy Thursday!

Yea for medicine!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A special day...

Today is a special day for many reasons...

It's Veteran's day and I would like to thank all the people who have courageously and unselfishly served our Country...

And it's our three year wedding anniversary so I'd like to thank Travis for being the BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD and God for bringing us together!

Last night Trav's dad called and asked if we would like to go out to eat so we joined Him for dinner. We went to Mama Penn's first and after ordering drinks we realized we would rather have breakfast so we high-tailed it outta there and hit up the Barrel...(cracker barrel that is!)

We ate and sat and talked for hours and had a great time! The fireplace was going strong and it felt like Christmastime in the store so I was in heaven! I also found a perfect little gift for my Granny!

I don't know about yall but it must have been VERY WINDY last night because our backyard is covered in huge limbs and lots of debris. We are still planning on heading to Atlanta this morning to visit the Aquarium. I'm really excited about visiting the "dr office" section where they take care of the sick fishies...lol...I hope we get to pet something cute and cool like a penguin or something...I'll let you know!

Hope you have a great day!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sugar and Spice and EVERYTHING NICE....

That's what little girl are made of!

That's right...Molly is having a little girl and I'm going to have a niece!

She found out today and we are all very excited!

Tonight Trav and I are going out to eat to celebrate our anniversary (which is actually tomorrow but why not stretch it out a little and celebrate a little longer!)and then tomorrow we are leaving early to go out and eat breakfast and then head to Atlanta to go to the Aquarium and spend the day there. These have been the VERY BEST three years of my life!

Try to stay dry...I have a feeling it's gonna be tough though!

Yea for celebrating happy things!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Pee-can Week-and...say it with a country twang!

Howdy Yall! lol!

Ahhh...I am so thankful for another wonderful weekend...another precious gift from God to enjoy some time with my family and make some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!

Brian got to stay with us this weekend...I needed my Brian fix because I haven't gotten to spoil him enough lately! Saturday we got to spend the day with my Granny...who is feeling well, in great spirits, and sweet sweet sweet as ever by the way...and pick pecans! My granny's friend has a huge farm with TONS AND TONS of pecan trees so we gathered pecans for about two hours and by then we were so sore we could hardly walk...lol! That's the best workout I've had in awhile! My aunt Fran, Cam, Nikki, and Dana joined us and all together we got 90 pounds. Then we took them to get cracked at "Larry's Nut House"..haha..but SERIOUSLY...HAHAHA...and then we rode with Granny to pick up the deer pop shot the other weekend at James Deer Cooler....does it get anymore country than that!!! I love being a COUNTRY GIRL! But I can't give up my monthly edition of Glamour either! Know what I mean southern gals??


Brian and Glory!

More Pecans!

Dana and Camryn on the way to the farm!

Time to pick some pecans!

Balloons over Anderson!

Of course we were THRILLED with the TIGERS this weekend...woo hoo!!! Brian had fun watching the game with us and left with a new clemson backpack compliments of his big sis! This morning we visited North Anderson Baptist Church and really enjoyed it. Everyone was VERY FRIENDLY and we felt very welcomed. We are still praying that God will lead us in the right direction in terms of our church home and know he won't steer us wrong. We are going to visit again next week and attend Sunday School to see how it is. My neighbors across the street have been so good to us and they attend North Anderson and had a seat saved for us *smile!* (I got that little trick from Vanessa...thanks...I love your *smiles!*) The message today was about praise and basically how our number one praise to God should always be that he is the Saviour of our souls and the Lover of our souls. God desires that NOT ONE perish but that ALL come to him to receive forgiveness of sins and everlasting life! If that doesn't make you *SMILE* i dont' know what will!!! I will praise HIM all the days of my life for SAVING ME!!! God's peace is unlike anything I've ever known and I wouldn't trade it for the world!

So...Tomorrow is one of my VERY BEST FRIENDS birthday so I'm going to go ahead any give her a GREAT BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY now....HAPPY BIRTHDAY KASSIE!!! I LOVE YA GIRL!

Well...guess that's about it for my PEE-CAN WEEK-AND YALL!!!

Hope you have a wonderful week!