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Monday, November 23, 2009

These are a few of my fa-vor-ite things!!!

A friend recently blogged about her most favorite tried and true beauty products and indulgences and I really enjoyed reading it! I even got some ideas for some new things to try! Hope you enjoy....I'm also going to start blogging about new products I try to see how they stack up! I have always LOVED all this girly stuff....YEA!

Blush- Nars "0"...the very very best!

Lipgloss- I haven't used lipstick in a few years but I am a self-confessed "Lipgloss-aholic!" I'm currently using CO Bigelow Mentha lip tint in Violet Mint from Bath and Body Works, Maybelline shiny-licious #85 in chocolate cherry,and a shiny light pink gloss from Sephora that I got while in NY last April.

Foundation- I LOVE Bare Minerals but to save money lately I switched to Loreal Bare Naturals and it is just as light, fresh, and wonderful as the more expensive brand.

Eye Shadow- I use a sparkly white wet and wild every single day that I've had for about two years and I don't know WHAT i'm going to do when it runs out!

Eyeliner- I just use black or brown eyeshadow for liner and right now its just a basic drugstore brand that seems to work great!

Moisturizer- I really like the Equate brand complete beauty lotion with SPF 15! Don't forget the sunscreen!!!

Mascara-I am really liking maybelline lash stilleto right now! It's super lenghtening and has a really small brush which I like because it reaches each little lash!

Facial care- Equate Antibacterial foaming face wash...I've been using it since college and NOTHING works better for me and good ole' classic oxy pads....I love the tingle and it really exfoliates well!

Shampoo- I have been very pleased with my last purchase which is Bed Head Dumb Blonde...it helps remove all the buildup I get sometimes because if you know me you know I LOVE hairspray! And speaking of...

Hairspray- Nothing beats RUSK W8LESS but to save money lately I've switched to Tres Semme 4=4 which is REALLY good and light weight so I might stick with it...who knows!
I am also using d:fi firm hold hairspray right now for when I tease the underneath of my hair and it's a MIRACLE! This stuff doesn't move but then magically it easily brushes right out...gotta love that!

Conditioner- Matrix Biolage Color Care Conditioner...the shampoo is really good too I'm just not using it right now. I like to switch up the kind of shampoo I use every now and then because my hair seems to feel better if I do.

Brush- I don't use a regular brush but you absolutely MUST get a TeaZe comb by Phillips if you want to add volume to your hair...it's amazing!

Lotion- Right now I have Twilight Woods in my purse because Vanessa gave me some and I really like it...It's sorta vanilla/woodsy and it smells like cold weather which I like! For outta of the shower use I really like Lubriderm Advanced Therapy for Extra Dry Skin because I get really dry skin sometimes. It seems to be really theraputic and actually hydrates my skin. I am also really into Winter Candy Apple at Bath and Body works although I haven't splurged to buy any yet but I highly recommend it!

Hand Lotion- my fav is 100% Look Ma New Hands from Bath and Body works...very indulgent and WORKS!

Hand soap- I ADORE Jergens Cherry Almond! The lotion is so good too!

Body Wash- Other than the Nutcracker Sweet I just got (see below!) my FAVORITE is Sea Island Cotton from Bath and Body or anything super creamy and "coconutty-smelling"!

Deodorant- I have used Teen Spirit since I was about 12 and I will use it til' the day I die! Who was you have to grow up?! My favorite is Sweet Strawberry which I'm using right now.

Ok...so that's what I'm currently using in my beauty arsenal! lol!

But I will keep you updated on my newest and best finds in the beauty world starting with something oh so wonderful I got just today!

I went into Bath and Body Works to get some Christmas gifts and I found a little something for myself which I know is SO bad right here at Christmas but I just COULDN'T resist splurging just a little! I got the Nutcracker Sweet 3 in 1 shower gel/bubble bath/shampoo and it's truly a little piece of heaven! I ran home and took a shower ASAP because I was so excited about it and I just can't wait to use it again. I'm not sure it would appeal to everyone but it has a sweet, buttery, baked good smell that is to die for!

Also I tested the CO Bigelo Warm Butter Rum lipgloss at Bath and Body today and it is definetly on my TO TRY list because it just smelled so yummy and reminds me of Christmas time for some reason...delicous!

Hope you enjoy and please share your favorite list if you can!

Yea for being a girl!!!

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