"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Thursday, September 30, 2010

{Oh yes I did...}

I totally re-did (a word?) my bathroom...AGAIN! I decided that I absolutely HATED the green walls (sometimes what you invision in your head doesn't look right once it comes to fruition! LOL!)I found a color I LOVE and now I'm quite pleased! Gotta do the second coat and accessorize so be on the look out for a new, more sophisticated bathroom coming soon!


(P.S. I loathed those walls so bad that I had to remove the pic I posted earlier. I couldn't stand to even look at it!)

Monday, September 27, 2010

{Check List}

What I once thought would last FOREVER is now starting to shape up to a happy ending!


Bathroom is painted, cleaned, and I got a LOVELY new shower curtain!

Hallway is more than 90% finished!

Painting is finished in the living room and dining room!

Kitchen painted finished!

TO DO: {Yep, there's more!}

Touch up all the trim...

Repaint white cabinets in bathroom and kitchen...

Repaint all white doors...

Find curtain for kitchen...

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize....

Paint our bedroom...

Paint bonus room...

Find curtains for bonus room...

Get new carpet for bonus room...

Get new furniture for bonus room...

...And by then I'll have gray hair and I'll be playing Bingo at Wendy's on Tuesday nights....
I will eventually get it all done~

Pics to come soon!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

{An open letter...}

Dear Blog,

I miss you! I'm sorry that you've been so neglected while we work on our house/celebrate birthdays/recover from tummy aches/cheer on Big Al. {deets later!} As soon as I can, I promise I'll give you more time and attention.

P.S. You'd be proud to know that even though it's been CRAZY, I have still managed to squeeze in a lil' crafting.I made this fall wreath for my Granny---yesterday was her Birthday! LOVE YOU GRANNY!

This is T.O.O. E.A.S.Y! First, I bought the basic twine wreath at Goodwill for $3. Then, I wrapped it with some shiny leaf garland I found at Dollar Tree and tied a big bow on top with pretty orange ribbon (also from DT). Next, I got the wooden leaves and leaf print fabric at Hobby Lobby. I just glued the leaves on with a hot glue gun then made a big "flower" out of the fabic and hot glued it down, too. Easy, Affordable, and pretty! Yay!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

{Stick a fork in it!}

{and Hello!}
It's DONE!
Trav finished up the final touches for the back bedroom last night and it's almost ready to be re-assembled!
One room down....six to go! LOL!

We are making headway on the bathroom, too. All the bad spots have been fixed with painters putty and we might be able to prime tonight and paint the next night. I've decided to slow down and take this process easy because it's E.X.H.A.U.S.T.I.N.G!

If you come to my house and it's---
a. a total wreck
b. extremely disorganized
c. covered in painitng supplies
Sorry! I'm telling you ahead of time...because before a diamond shines it's covered in coal!

P.S. I'd like to send a special shout-out to my wonderful Trav for helping me so much!!!


Monday, September 20, 2010

{W.A.R. against the Wallpaper!}

Why? Why? Why? would ANYONE EVER USE WALLPAPER!?! Why People???

Trav and I spent the last 12 hours of our lives getting down layer, after layer, after LAYER, so kindly left from the last homeowners, and those before them, and those before them, and possibly even those before them. UUUGGGHHH!

Hallelujah! Almost finished!

{When you start seeing stuff that looks like this is gets a little scary!}
{That's the color we chose for the bathroom!}

{Who would have EVER imagined that taking down an ugly wallpaper would reveal an even WORSE paint job!?}
{I had considered this gray for the wallway but it's too dark. I'm gonna have to go back to the drawing board on this one!}
{A paint job in progress...}

{Trav the "Tool Man" Rada!}

(Bear with me as I can hardly type due to a stiff, sore, throbbing right arm....I think I need a sling!)

But after all that work---and many trips to Lowes for more Pirannah wallpaper removal gel---I've never been happier! (or more exhausted!) Travis was such an awesome helper and we had lots of fun despite the horrible task! Tonight we will be finishing up some caulking and priming and then I hope to get the paint on by tomorrow! YAY!

I also have about 3/4 of the paint job in our guest bedroom done! I decided on a deep gray and found a beautiful bedsprea and curtains to match at Target. Score!

I think I've decided on redoing the living and dining room with a grayish lavender color that will go well with my navy blue furniture. Hmmm...we will see------
Gotta go for now...my hand is 'bout to fall off---hehe!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

{Me Do a Redo!?!}

I must be going crazy! At least I feel like it...

I am completely obsessed with organizing and re-doing my house right now. I’ve been wanting to do it for some time now but I just haven’t been able to buuhht--- I think I’m ready now!

In other posts I’ve mentioned how I haven’t changed a THING since moving into our house 2 ½ years ago except ripping the wallpaper down in one of the bathrooms and never fixing it! YIKES! We are even still using the curtains left behind by the old owners. And it’s well past time for me to “make it my own”.

The problem is that when I do anything…I want to do it ALL RIGHT NOW and then end up getting overwhelmed. In fact, I’ve done nothing but think about my rooms and plan visual designs in my head for days now. I’m intimidated about even starting because I HATE the in between stage, which is usually a mess. But I gotta start somewhere! Luckily, I like my living room and kitchen right now…so they are on the backburner. I’ll change them up when I get tired of them.
But I do have something in mind when the times comes... Isn't that PURPLE just to die for???

But for now, there’s LOTS on my TO-DO LIST!

I think I’m going to paint my “cat room” this weekend. It’s currently a “junk room” which is called the “cat room” because it’s where we keep the litter box. I know…yuck! I need a good idea for where to put my little box….any thoughts??? I’ll probably paint it (the room, not the litter box, lol!) a light green color, similar to this…

Then the light green color can make a cute nursery later (no, I’m not expecting…lol!) and I’ll decorate it like a circus! I’ve always wanted to do that…and get my mom to paint a cute elephant on one of the walls and a big happy sunshine! Oh, that’s something to look forward too!

For the guest bedroom, I found a very pretty teal, white, and black comforter with a whimisical “bird like” pattern and I’m going to paint those walls a medium gray. I’m really into birds so I’m hoping to create three art pieces with modern black/white silouettes for one of the walls. I’m also hoping to turn my old, raggedy black coffee table into a cute, cushioned bench for the end of the bed. Then I can put cute storage containers underneath the bench for chic and easy storage. I found a vanity on craigslist that I’ve been eyeing and I really need that, too.

Then there’s the guest bathroom. Hmmm…gotta think on that one. But everything in there currently must go. No questions! Lol!

Our bedroom paint color I actually like. It’s a dark DARK purple (kinda eggplant) and it’s really relaxing. I think I’ll get a pretty, shiny goldish comforter with gold, green, and eggplant throw pillows, along with two new gold (retro type) lamps for the bedside tables to make it look more up-to-date. It’s really so old fashioned to me right now. And not in the “vintagey” type style I love…trust me! And I think a new arrangement for the furniture might also make a big difference.

I am going to do the main bathroom in a warm brown—similar to this---
with accents in teal and marigold. Love those colors together! I also want to get new floors in this bathroom but not sure when that can happen or how much it’ll cost. I need to do some research there.

Finally, the bonus room. Oh…..the bonus room. Sense my sarcacism. First, the carpets need to be ripped up asap! It’s the only carpeted room in the house and I LOATHE it intirely! I’m thinking of replacing it with flooring similar to this….
And then sectioning off the room with our navy leather furniture that I can move in there, paired with light brown walls, similar to this (I love brown, can’t ya tell?!)with a large wall unit/bookshelf/entertainment center. Then the other side of the room I could convert into an office type space? Hmmm…not sure…

Oh goodness, this is going to be job! And as usual, I'm keeping this on a tight budget so I'm interested to see just what I can do with a little. I’ll keep you updated…

P.S. Is it a "rule" to keep a color scheme flowing throughout the house or can you bring something new into every room (as long as their not connected, of course) for some variety?


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

{The "Nunster" loves to party!}

We had a surprise 85th birthday party for Trav's grandpa last night!
Look at that group of HANDSOME fellas!
Especially the birthday boy! NunNun is an eternal optimist and such a lighthearted, sweet guy! He got his name from Trav and there's such a cute story behind it. NunNun drove a truck when Trav was little and when they took rides together, Travis would say "Nun" "Nun"...and the name stuck!
Our family's newest College Guy, Hunter!
The birthday boy with his lovely wife of 60 years (i think!)
Me and My HONEY!
Trav and Patrick
Hunter and Tim
Trav's dad Ken and Lynn
Vanessa and Bette
Vanessa getting all the goodies ready to enjoy and getting the candles ready to be blown out!
Happy Birthday NunNun!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

{Bo knows Biscuits!}

Raise your hand if you think that BOJANGLES BISCUITS are the best in the whole world?

Me!Me! I agree!!!

We took a big box of them for refreshments to Sunday School last Sunday and luckily we had some leftovers that I was able to enjoy this morning. Yum!
Do you love Bojangles, too?

In more significant news, LOL!, I'm really looking forward to something tonight but I can't tell you what yet. Sorry---it's a S_RPR_ZE!

And....I Absolutely MUST make this awesome creation I found over at Craftyland--

A BEAUTIFUL Fall wreath that I think I can make for less than $3!
That's my project for tonight!



Monday, September 13, 2010

{Drab to Fab!}

A few months ago, I found this chair for $1 at a yard sale and I've had it sitting in my living room ever since. Please note the 1 inch thick glob of white cat hair...yikes!!!

The problem was:

#1- It was velvet, which meant whenever this happened...I got a new blob of cat hair-
and #2- It just wasn't that visually appealing to me. BLAH!

So...I decided to fix the problem with some fabric that Bette gave me a while back. Thanks, Bette!

Nothing too special, just some new fabric, a hot glue gun, a brown pillow and---Viola!

A new, "lovelier" (is that a word?) chair with fabric that is WAY more cat friendly!

So I guess I could have called this post "Make it Better Monday!" Lol!

Oh, P.S.----

Remember me telling you about the Bilo Bonus Bucks, well here's proof that it PAYS OFF!

$48 worth of gas in the big 'Burb for only $27.18! Yay!

One more quick thing...

I've started teaching the 3 year old Sunday School class and God is already teaching me awesome things through those cute kiddos! Our lesson this week was about how much God loves us. I think we all underestimate how much God loves us at times. It's so simple yet so very profound. Sometimes it's hard to accept love--- from God and from others, but if we do, we find so much joy and satisfaction! And by accepting all of God's love we can give others the love of God that overflows from us. He doesn't give us just enough to fill our cup, after all, He gives us plenty so that we can make a BIG difference in the lives of others!

Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies ~Psalm 36:5


Sunday, September 12, 2010

{Local Forecast: More showers!}

Nikki had another nice shower this weekend, hosted by Andrew's side of the fam in G-ville.
We got to dress Gran up like a beautiful bride....
Isn't she lovely!
I love my Granny!!!
And I also love Fran and Cam!
And these gals, too!

Oooh, who brought this cute gift?! I want that one!
Hey! I'm Makayla and I ate some green bean baby food for the first time last night....aren't you jealous?!
{P.S. Makayla LOVES her Happy!}
Hope everyone has a great week!