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Thursday, September 16, 2010

{Me Do a Redo!?!}

I must be going crazy! At least I feel like it...

I am completely obsessed with organizing and re-doing my house right now. I’ve been wanting to do it for some time now but I just haven’t been able to buuhht--- I think I’m ready now!

In other posts I’ve mentioned how I haven’t changed a THING since moving into our house 2 ½ years ago except ripping the wallpaper down in one of the bathrooms and never fixing it! YIKES! We are even still using the curtains left behind by the old owners. And it’s well past time for me to “make it my own”.

The problem is that when I do anything…I want to do it ALL RIGHT NOW and then end up getting overwhelmed. In fact, I’ve done nothing but think about my rooms and plan visual designs in my head for days now. I’m intimidated about even starting because I HATE the in between stage, which is usually a mess. But I gotta start somewhere! Luckily, I like my living room and kitchen right now…so they are on the backburner. I’ll change them up when I get tired of them.
But I do have something in mind when the times comes... Isn't that PURPLE just to die for???

But for now, there’s LOTS on my TO-DO LIST!

I think I’m going to paint my “cat room” this weekend. It’s currently a “junk room” which is called the “cat room” because it’s where we keep the litter box. I know…yuck! I need a good idea for where to put my little box….any thoughts??? I’ll probably paint it (the room, not the litter box, lol!) a light green color, similar to this…

Then the light green color can make a cute nursery later (no, I’m not expecting…lol!) and I’ll decorate it like a circus! I’ve always wanted to do that…and get my mom to paint a cute elephant on one of the walls and a big happy sunshine! Oh, that’s something to look forward too!

For the guest bedroom, I found a very pretty teal, white, and black comforter with a whimisical “bird like” pattern and I’m going to paint those walls a medium gray. I’m really into birds so I’m hoping to create three art pieces with modern black/white silouettes for one of the walls. I’m also hoping to turn my old, raggedy black coffee table into a cute, cushioned bench for the end of the bed. Then I can put cute storage containers underneath the bench for chic and easy storage. I found a vanity on craigslist that I’ve been eyeing and I really need that, too.

Then there’s the guest bathroom. Hmmm…gotta think on that one. But everything in there currently must go. No questions! Lol!

Our bedroom paint color I actually like. It’s a dark DARK purple (kinda eggplant) and it’s really relaxing. I think I’ll get a pretty, shiny goldish comforter with gold, green, and eggplant throw pillows, along with two new gold (retro type) lamps for the bedside tables to make it look more up-to-date. It’s really so old fashioned to me right now. And not in the “vintagey” type style I love…trust me! And I think a new arrangement for the furniture might also make a big difference.

I am going to do the main bathroom in a warm brown—similar to this---
with accents in teal and marigold. Love those colors together! I also want to get new floors in this bathroom but not sure when that can happen or how much it’ll cost. I need to do some research there.

Finally, the bonus room. Oh…..the bonus room. Sense my sarcacism. First, the carpets need to be ripped up asap! It’s the only carpeted room in the house and I LOATHE it intirely! I’m thinking of replacing it with flooring similar to this….
And then sectioning off the room with our navy leather furniture that I can move in there, paired with light brown walls, similar to this (I love brown, can’t ya tell?!)with a large wall unit/bookshelf/entertainment center. Then the other side of the room I could convert into an office type space? Hmmm…not sure…

Oh goodness, this is going to be job! And as usual, I'm keeping this on a tight budget so I'm interested to see just what I can do with a little. I’ll keep you updated…

P.S. Is it a "rule" to keep a color scheme flowing throughout the house or can you bring something new into every room (as long as their not connected, of course) for some variety?


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jinxi~ aka angi said...

I like all of the colors you chose! I actually painted our master bath that same color purple one time.. altho to be honest I was hoping for something more eggplant.. it was more grape. ;)

That light green is exactly the color I have for one of our bathrooms, its called Dusty Miller from Glidden. I got three sample pints online free one time and still havent gotten to use them.

Im so like you in that I love to dream and think about how Im going to do this and that. ps I love the circus idea for a baby room! ;)

Be sure to take pics of before and after.. I love this stuff!