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Thursday, September 9, 2010

{Peas in a Pod}

While browsing Blog Land tonight, I happened upon the most interesting blogs...

{My kindred spirits, in fact!!!}

Apron Thrift Girl

Manic Thrift Store Shopper

Things I found (at the thrift store)


Without Dash

I never knew people existed who loved thrifting as much {or maybe more!} than me----crazy!

So...Angi asked about my book collection, specifically my Little Golden Books, so I took an inventory.

{Angi: "pss: Are you collecting the Golden childrens books? or just old books? Id like to hear more about your collection!"}
Thanks for asking, Angi!
As of today, I have 19 Little Golden Books, most of them from the late 70's and early 80's. I have only been collecting for a short while so I'm looking forward to building my numbers! This is my favorite one in my collection...
Does anyone else like this book???

My Grandma Hilda had this at her house and me and my lil' sis would always read it when we were there for holidays and stuff....memories!

I made a quick stop at the clearance center the other day while I was in G-ville---
I found a Little Mermaid Puzzle {put it together when I got home and it had all the pieces!} a cute shirt from Target that's currently in the wash, two Schoolhouse Rock VHS tapes, and about 7 new books for a grand total of $1.70!!! Forgot to take pics...sorry! Just imagine a cute silk ruffled tank top that cost me about 30 cent-yay!

Also, if anyone uses Bilo Fuel Perks, you should buy one of these deli pizzas because you get 20 cent fuel perks when you buy one right now....

+ the pizza is fresh, not frozen, and super good! We have a total of 60 cent towards our fuel perks now so we will save about $12 next time we gas up. Pretty good deal!

Well, here' s to hoping the Vikings pull out the "W" and having fun with my NFL texting buddy, Renea, who happens to be a Saints fan, yuck! Lol!

P.S. Angi, I'm putting your headband in the mail tomorrow-promise! Thanks for being so patient!


1 comment:

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Thanks for going over your collection! I have some books I can send to you. ps: I love the Little Monster books!!! I used to have almost every one of them! I just scored 3 older books at a yard sale about a month ago, I'll see what the titles are and see if you have them too.

You really are a thrifty girl.. I love that you share all of your finds..and now some links.. very cool!!!

We dont have Goodwill Clearance centers here.. *sad face* heehe.. but we do have Goodwill and Salvation Army. I love shopping there and usually do real good. Maybe I'll go tomorrow?! You've inspired me hehee.