"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Monday, August 31, 2009

I love to Cook!

I know, I know...you're thinking...is this really Laura???
But, yeah, it's me! I really am starting to LOVE to cook!

After my endeavor with the pizza I decided to make french toast tonight. It was my first try and of course I made a low fat version and it turned out YUMMY!!!!

We had eggs and turkey bacon with it and it made a great meal...I am looking forward to cooking my next meal! Wonder what I'll decide on next time??? Hmmm...guess the possibilities are endless...haha!

Got some chores done today too...feeling like a little housewife...lol!

Yea for slllllooooowly learning to cook!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Homemade Pizza!

Last night I was craving pizza and didn't wanna get one delivered because it's so NOT WORTH all those calories so...

I decided to make my own!

I went to Ingles and got-

Whole Wheat Pizza Crust- 600 calories for the entire crust
Pineapple- used about 100 calories worth
Mushrooms-20 calories
Turkey Pepperoni- about 75 calories worth
Pizza Sauce-90 calories worth
2% cheese- 200 calories worth

So the grand total for my homemade HEALTHY pizza was 1, 085! That's pretty good for a whole pizza! So my two slices had 271 calories! I never felt so good about giving into a craving!

It turned out VERY tasty but I would recommend NEVER using or eating TURKEY PEPPERONI! It is GROSS...tastes like cardboard to me and has a weird chemically taste. I picked mine off! Surprisingly Trav liked it...I felt so good about making a meal he loved! I still don't cook too much so it's a pretty big deal for me!

After our gourmet homemade pizza we just watched some TV because Travis had a terrible headache and went to bed pretty early.

It's Saturday afternoon now and I haven't been up long! LOL! Slept in and loved it! Travis is playing in a golf tournament today and I am just going to relax and maybe do some cleaning and possibly going shopping later with Mo to find her some new clothes for her growing baby bump!

Well..Hope everyone has a great SATURDAY!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aunt Laura and Uncle Travis!



My sister Molly is going to be a MOMMY!!!

She is due March 24th, which makes her about two months along right now, and they baby is now about the size of a plum! Isn't it EXCITING!

Molly and John are very excited and Molly looks like she is COMPLETELY GLOWING! So far Molly has been very blessed and hasn't been feeling too sick, just really tired!

Now...let me tell you this wonderful story about how we found out!

This weekend while we were all spending the weekend together at Nikki's dorm, Nikki's room mate Faith started asking me and Molly if we had thought about having kids yet. She asked me first and I said well, maybe in about two years, and then she asked Molly. She said "well we have definitely thought about it." Faith continued to ask a few more more questions. She said "Like in a year or 6 months?" Molly replied "umm maybe" and Faith said "like one month" and Molly said "well maybe notONE month..." and this whole time she was like not really looking at us and it started sounding very suspicious! LOL! I said, "Molly....are you pregnant??!!" She said "huh???" I said, "you're pregnant aren't you??!!!" And then she started shaking and smiling from ear to ear and said YES!!! She had planned on going home to tell Mom and Dad and the rest of the family Sunday and hadn't told anyone yet but she just couldn't keep it in! Me, Ali, and Nikki all started crying tears of joy and even Faith shed a few tears for the new baby!

The funniest thing about all this is that when she told us we had just teased Molly's hair into a HUGE fro and decorated her with all this jewelry and makeup and so it is just HILARIOUS to think back to that special moment with all my sisters and Molly with her huge hair and special announcement!

At the time she told us this weekend the baby was about the size of an olive so all weekend we named the baby "Oliver" (since I think it is going to be a boy!) and Olive for the one's who were thinking little girl. Of course we all just want a HEALTHY BABY and don't care one bit whether its a girl or boy but that's just my gut feeling!

Here are a few pics of Molly and "The Aunts!"

Yea for babies, blessings, and NEW LIFE!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009



My brother-in-law Patrick qualified for match play in the US Amateur today...(click on the link and you can see his name...it totally thrilled me!)He will start match play tomorrow and if he is one of the final two he will get a spot to play in the Masters!!! Isn't that AWESOME! I'm so proud of him! Trav is hoping to fly out tomorrow to get to see him play and be there with his dad and some of his other supporters! Please keep him in your prayers!

Wow....as I'm sitting here, another miracle in the works just occured....Trav was able to get the Georgie Boy cranked up! LOL! I thought that thing wouldn't live to see another day. Think we are getting it fixed and then putting that bad boy on craigs list!

Speaking of Craigs List, Trav got something neat this weekend. We went to Piedmont and bought a speed bag/heavy bag stand...no excuse for me to have flabby arms now! Ha!

Well...I will end with this...

Look for a special post tomorrow...it's going to be exciting!

Yea for surprises and champions!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday's top ten list!

What I LOVE about today...

1. Made it to work only a FEW minutes late....(as opposed to about ten....oops!)
2. My 4 pm hot cocoa break in my cold office...WONDERFUL!
3. The plans we made for our lunch tomorrow....Mexican with Renea, Ras, and Sabrina!
4. Got my kitchen REALLY clean! FINALLY!
5. A Yummy Dinner with Trav....salads and baked potatoes!
6. Intervention comes on in about 30 minutes...YEA!
7. Hoarders comes on right after that!....DOUBLE YEA!
8. I have a SAVIOR who loves me and died for me!!!
9. Repeat of #8!!!
10. The fun I had making this top ten list!

Yea for a GREAT DAY!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


It's sad that our FUN weekend had to come to an end! Today we got up around 10 am, got our showers and got fixed up, and then went to the Lavonia Flea Market!


So...Did I say how MUCH FUN WE HAD???!!!

I got two play station 2 games for dirt cheap so we could indulge our CRAZY VIDEO GAME NERD habits...lol...several pairs of new earrings, some nice tupperware containers, and new measuring cups (for all the cooking I do yall....hahaha...)

Nikki, Faith, and Kayla (aka...my "mini-me!) all got new sunglasses with a cool little case included and they looked super cool! We ate at Applebees and had the worst service EVER from BEN.....ERRRR....but we managed to laugh it off since it was bring your ____ to work day....girls you know what goes in the blank!

Molly made some great fat-free mint brownies....YUM....thanks Mo! Faith told us such an animated, entertaining version of the story of Esther (which just happens to be Nikki and Kayla's favorite bible story...just an interesting fact for ya!), Ali texted...alot....HAHA....and kept us laughing (at least that's what she said....RIGHT GIRLS?) and Nikki was the Hostess with the Mostess! She had such a great supply of diet cokes, granola bars, waters, and even cheese and crackers...impressive huh?

I'm so thankful for the fun weekend I spent with my sisters and friends! God has truly blessed me with such WONDERFUL people in my life!

Finally, I was so happy to get home to my hubby! He's my BEST FRIEND and boy did I miss him!

Yea for our GREAT WEEKEND!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Slumber Party- Day 1!

Yea for the 6 "F" WEEKEND...Family, Friends, Food, Fun, Fellowship, and a Fiesta!

Going to Emmanuel... and We're... GONNA HAVE FU-U-U-UN!!!

What a great day!

I got to leave work early today since I worked late for foster parent association last night so here I am at home watching a "What Not to Wear" re-run, eating some lunch, and looking forward to the weekend!

Molly is getting off work early to pick me up around 3:30 and we are heading to Emmanuel College for a slumber party with Nikki, Ali, and Nikki's roommates! We are planning on driving to Commerce tonight for dinner and then just staying up late, watching movies, and having fun!

Travis and his friend, George, might go to some "tuff man" thing at the Civic Center so it makes me happy knowing he'll be doing something fun too!

P.S. In case I don't get to post tomorrow...


Hope everyone has a great day and weekend!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

La dee da dee da....

Well...it's Tuesday night and I'm just sitting here watching Shaq vs. Ben....Don't ask me why! lol!...and Trav is shredding old mail and stuff. Exciting stuff people!!!

I'm really excited about this coming weekend. Me and Molly are going to spend the night with Nikki in her dorm. They just moved back in and start classes next week so we are gonna have a "spend the night party" friday night and then go to the Flea market near her dorm on Saturday. I've never been so, of course, I CAN'T WAIT! Me and flea markets go together like peanut butter and jelly! It's also my mom and dad's wedding anniversary so overall it's going to be a great weekend!

Update on the hair front...

Thought I'd throw in a couple of TRUE bad hair day pictures for your viewing pleasure!

So anyway...after washing my hair tonight with my new and WONDERFUL shampoo and conditioner I am no longer having a bad hair week! LOL! It really made all the difference and I no longer feel like cutting it off. Hooray!!! That was really stressing me out....but problem solved!

Well, I didn't take my "after work nap" today so I think I might go ahead and hit the hay.

Yea for a good hair day tomorrow (with fingers crossed!)

Monday, August 17, 2009


I saw this on a friend's blog and just had to do it! I only had one picture uploaded to work with but I think it turned out quite HILARIOUS!

I can't believe how much these make me look like my mom in the early 90's!