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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aunt Laura and Uncle Travis!



My sister Molly is going to be a MOMMY!!!

She is due March 24th, which makes her about two months along right now, and they baby is now about the size of a plum! Isn't it EXCITING!

Molly and John are very excited and Molly looks like she is COMPLETELY GLOWING! So far Molly has been very blessed and hasn't been feeling too sick, just really tired!

Now...let me tell you this wonderful story about how we found out!

This weekend while we were all spending the weekend together at Nikki's dorm, Nikki's room mate Faith started asking me and Molly if we had thought about having kids yet. She asked me first and I said well, maybe in about two years, and then she asked Molly. She said "well we have definitely thought about it." Faith continued to ask a few more more questions. She said "Like in a year or 6 months?" Molly replied "umm maybe" and Faith said "like one month" and Molly said "well maybe notONE month..." and this whole time she was like not really looking at us and it started sounding very suspicious! LOL! I said, "Molly....are you pregnant??!!" She said "huh???" I said, "you're pregnant aren't you??!!!" And then she started shaking and smiling from ear to ear and said YES!!! She had planned on going home to tell Mom and Dad and the rest of the family Sunday and hadn't told anyone yet but she just couldn't keep it in! Me, Ali, and Nikki all started crying tears of joy and even Faith shed a few tears for the new baby!

The funniest thing about all this is that when she told us we had just teased Molly's hair into a HUGE fro and decorated her with all this jewelry and makeup and so it is just HILARIOUS to think back to that special moment with all my sisters and Molly with her huge hair and special announcement!

At the time she told us this weekend the baby was about the size of an olive so all weekend we named the baby "Oliver" (since I think it is going to be a boy!) and Olive for the one's who were thinking little girl. Of course we all just want a HEALTHY BABY and don't care one bit whether its a girl or boy but that's just my gut feeling!

Here are a few pics of Molly and "The Aunts!"

Yea for babies, blessings, and NEW LIFE!


Bubba said...

Laura, that is so exciting. Congrats on becoming a new aunt, your going to absolutely love it! Because you will be able to spoil them rotten and send them back home! This is so exciting....Congrats again.

The Brocks said...

That is so funny that Molly was dressed like that when she told you! It made for great pictures! Tell Molly I said CONGRATS!!! You will love being an Aunt! It's the best!