"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Thursday, May 31, 2012

{Ouch my Wips!}

Praise the Lord for these two  life lip savers today!
Because my chapped "wips" (as Makayla calls them) were going to be the death of me!
Luckily, they are feeling MUCH better already. The neosporin was about the only thing that has really helped. That's what I get for spending so much time at the lake and so little time putting on chapstick. Lesson learned!

I was able to open my mouth big enough to spoon in some lunch---carefully for fear my lips might crack again. Seriously---agony!
It was a challenge.

Later, I had a snack (by then eating was much easier thanks to the Neo remedy:)
Blueberry greek yogurt (the best!) and some peanuts.

I started my day of with no bangs but by the afternoon...
Boom! Bangs:)
Thanks to a quick trim from Jessica!
That's why I love 'em---they're so versatile! I can pin 'em back anytime I want--which is often in the hot summer months. But it's fun to sport them every now and then!

And I'll leave you with today's bible verse---
...it's a GOOD one! I felt encouraged and ready to be a blessing to someone:)

Almost time to meet Meg at Trios for dinner and downtown sounds!!!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

{Day with my FAVS! }

Started the day with a pb&j....
...and early mornin' yard sales with the twins:)

On the way, Leslie ran over a tiny, innocent little chipmunk....~tears!~and then we found THIS sad fate in the drive way of one of the places we stopped...
TRAGEDY! I thought about titling this post "Death at a yard sale" but then changed my mind and opted for something a little more cheerful.

'Cause our day got better and better:)

We found lots of good stuff (which I forgot to photo) so you'll just have to take my word for it ;) Leslie found TONS of cute outfits for the foster child she's taking care of---who is already PRECIOUS and will just be even cuter in her new duds!

Around noon, while Trav was playing in the County Championship, I met Camryn and the rest of the crew at the mall.
Ate some veggies and rice from the chinese place---
(pretty good but also pretty oily)

The little girls found some 10 for $10 deals at Claire's----
and so did the big girls!
We ate some fro-yo
 tested some beauty products:)
and celebrated the day with the sweetest lil' birthday girl I know:)

Later this afternoon, Trav decided to go to the course and I tagged along to drive the cart:)--fun!
Nice swing!

Great day!
...and great night, too!


Friday, May 25, 2012


WHEW! It's Friday!

Just finished a long walk with the G-girl:)
A great way to end the week---and getting my heart rate up was a plus+
...and we found this little egg shell---I hope the lil' birdie made it out ok:)

I found this cute wreath for $2 bucks at GW today---I had a little time to pass 'til Trav got home from his business trip to Orlando. Figured shopping was as good a waste of time as any:)
Several yummy snacks went down the hatch today---
crackers and greek yogurt...
...and this was the best:) My friday treat!

By the way---my Christmas blessing box is filling up:) It's stuff I (and other family members) collect all year and we take it around to children in neighborhoods in my home town. We just pull stuff out of a big bag as we hand it out. Sorta like Santa:) I thought the teeny boppers would like this stuff and I got it all for $5 at Burkes yesterday.
Well, time to relax with the hubby and devour the grilled chicken salad he brought home for me!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

{On the Main}

I made an effort this morning to start off with some healthy eats.
Natural peanut butter sandwich , a mango (Thanks Mo:), and a nana....Nom! Nom!

I set out a couple sweet-smelling buds to brighten up the office a bit...
...then went to lunch:)
The food was good but the company was GREAT!
Although Leslie has a strong arguement that her food was actually better than the company---and I wouldn't argue:)
Look at that plate full of Southern deliciousness!
This is the other half of the good company:)

I opted for what I guessed was one of the healthiest options...
...fresh fruit and half of a whole wheat roast beef wrap with lettuce and tomatoes.

Plus a few chips -n- dip.
Just a few:)

P.S. Don't we look awake (weird inside joke, don't ask:)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

{Excuse Me!}

Hi Guys!
Hope you all had a great day:) I got tons accomplished so I'm feelin' pretty good!

Came home and cleaned my bathroom during my lunch break---such an accomplishment for such a non-cleaner like myself! I even mopped!

I fueled up with some mediocre eats----
some not-TOO-bad and super cheap ($1) frozen spinach rigatoni containing 300 calories.

But then I also had two servings of chex mix---
Shouldn't have but it gave me that little boost I needed to type a home study after lunch. Serious effort is required around 2:30 pm when I would kill for a nap. You gotta do what you gotta do, right?:)

 So----this was eaten only to ensure that my study was finished by 4pm ;) It was a neccessity----

(No more terrible excuses for this post...I promise!)

Got home and watered the plants..
...then did a couple loads of laundry (I'm also patting myself on the back right now)!

Now...I must go hula-hoop for a bit because I'm craving a bowl of chocolate fro-yo while I watch American Idol!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

{End and Begin}

The weekend will be over in less than 30 minutes...
...but it sure was a great one!!!

Went yard-selling:)---
 --and got these awesome kicks for a buck:)

I also got a new mail organizer/key holder for another buck---2 dollars well spent!
Bilo had their sunscreen BOGO---talk about a kid in a candy shop:)....
 ...I stocked up!!!

We ate some Mickey D's and played on the playground...
...and I'm not sure who had more fun---Mom or Makayla:)
It might have been a tie!

Say "Ronald"...bahahaha!!!

After a long day of shopping on Saturday, I actually spent the evening cleaning my house----GO ME! Then Trav and I spent the rest of the night sharing a pizza and a movie---SO much more fun than cleaning!

After church on Sunday morning, I went to Cam's dance recital:)

A couple hours, a short VBS meeting, and a cold treat later...

----and the weekend came to an end.

Time to start a brand new week:)
 PB breakfast sandwiches are ready for the road! Happy Monday to all!