"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Today me and my sister Nikki met at 8 am and started hitting up yard sales! We had so much fun and found so many cool things!

After having lunch at Olive Garden we met up with Molly and went to the Jockey Lot and look what we got...
All these items cost a total of $337.00 according to the price tags that were still on them (they were all brand new) and we got it all for $16.00!!!

All the holiday items were 3 for $1.00!!!
These are all my cool finds...Harvest/Fall decorations, several cute halloween things, brand new RUSS Christmas decorations, and a camo pop-up trash can to take camping! We are going to be decked out from October to December! All you see above was only $10.00!!!
And finally, these super stylish visors with built-in retractable shades...NO WE DID NOT BUY THESE! LOL! But we look like a pretty cool volley ball team to me!

Yea for my sister-friends and Yea for a good day at the Good Ole' Anderson Jockey Lot!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Who doesn't love FREE LIP GLOSS!!!
Click HERE to get your Bath and Body Works Coupon...free lip product with any purchase!!! I'm going to get mine tomorrow!

Thanks again to Dime Savin' Diva for this great deal!!!

Yea for shiny, sparkly lips!!!

Another "Get Healthy" Update


I weighed myself again today and bad news...I am at 148 which means either I'm just bloated (wishful thinking) or I've gained the two pounds back which I'm pretty sure is the case. I pretty much blew it over the weekend and this week. BUT... I got back on track today with a salad from Moe's (minus the chips and dip) and I'm feeling pretty good about that! I have exactly 35 days before I go to the beach so I gotta keep on truckin'!

Luckily, I'm feeling very blessed and optimistic and very thankful for a healthy body that works and helps me do God's work! BUT...I just gotta stay positive and stay on track! No need to get down...I just have to work on my self-control!

This week was EXTREMELY busy at work! We had our annual Foster Parent Appreciation Banquet Thursday evening and it went so well! I had four awesome co-workers working with me and I think the Foster Parents really enjoyed it! My sister, Molly, sang and it was BEAUTIFUL! We had lots of good giveaways and food thanks to awesome support from the community!

These are two of my amazingly nice co-workers and friends!
Me and Molly...She sang and did a WONDERFUL JOB!!!
We served our Foster Parents...they deserve a little pampering!

Me and my friend/co-worker Micheal. He sang with Molly and did a great job too!

So....Trav is playing in the County Golf Championship tomorrow so if you read this please say a little prayer that he will play to the very best of his ability! I'm so excited for him...he's already a champ to me!

As for me, my sister, Nikki, is coming early in the morning and we are going to hit up some neighborhood yard sales and then the jockey lot! I am already anticipating some bargains!!! Woo Woo!!! I'll be sure to post any good finds when we get home!

Speaking of Nikki...look what her and Brian did to me on the ride back from the lake last weekend! They really made me so beautiful, huh???

I can't believe I actually posted that...but I just love giving someone a good laugh!
We were ALL making funny faces...Nikki DOES NOT normally look like that! LOL!!!

Finally I'll just leave you with four simple letters...T-G-I-F!!!!

Yea for Friday and Yea for Saturday...only two hours away!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Photo Album!!!

Cool Giveaway at Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls!!!

Click HERE to enter an awesome giveaway at one of my favorite blogs! You can win a product from SPARKLEHEARTS.COM!!!

Yea for a fun contest and a fun product!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Me, Trav, and the rest of my family went camping at Elijah Clarke State Park in Georgia this weekend! We had a great time spending time together as a family and enjoying some Rest and Relaxation! I am so thankful for all our armed forces...past and present! What a sacrifice for others!

Here's a glimpse of our FUN WEEKEND!!!

The Georgie Boy made it!!! Everything worked great and we had a blast!!!
Morgan and Trav head to head in a Watermelon eating contest!!!
Me, Trav, and Brian having fun in the lake!!!
I love sitting with my honey by the campfire and eating goodies!!!
Camryn celebrated turning eight on the 29th with a birthday party at the lake!

Yea for Weekends away, Yea for Memorial Day!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hot Dogs....Get your Hot Dogs here!!!

I just signed up to get my coupon for a free pack of Oscar Mayer hotdogs!!!

Just click HERE to get yours!!
Click on the lyrics below to see the original Oscar Mayer Wiener Commercial!!!
....Oh Wish I were an Oscar Mayer WIENER, That is what I'd truly like to be.....!!!!!

Thanks to DIME SAVIN' DIVA for this great coupon news!!!

Yea for Free...Don't you Agree???!

My new Favorite Christian Singer!

The song on my blog is called "Free to be Me" by Francesca Bastistelli. She's a great new Christian singer! I first heard this song on His Radio a few weeks ago and I'm hooked! What do you think??? Have a great day and know that in Him you are free to be his fearfully and wonderfully made creation!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's Happenin' Wednesday!

We'll...Hump day is almost over and It was a great day!

I had a successful day at work...I had to do some things that were kinda intimidating and made me a little nervous but I was able to do it and I felt proud! I'm so THANKFUL for my job and I feel very blessed to have it...even when it's tough. Everyday that I'm successful I feel like a stronger more responsible person...and I'm grateful for the help the Lord gives me each day!

Got a few things for the "GEORGIE BOY'S" Maiden Voyage this weekend, some lighters for grilling and candles and stuff, some popsicles (24 per box at dollar tree...the good kind that you cut the end off of), and got Glory some special treats since she's such a good girl!

Trav's brother, Patrick, is home from College and they're at the Y playing some b ball and I stayed home to be lazy...Imagine that! LOL... I wasn't really lazy because I took Glory on a walk but I'm going to be lazy for the next hour!

I'm really craving some cookies from Subway (aren't they just the best?) but I'm going to be strong! Once on the lips forever on the hips...right? HA! HA!
Don't do it Laura...DON'T DO IT! LOL!

Well..that's What's happenin' this Wednesday!

Yea for self control....I mean...TRYING TO HAVE SELF CONTROL!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Goodwill Clearance Center!

I love the Goodwill Clearance Center in Greenville on Haywood Road!

Everything in the store is $1.09 per pound of merchandise! It's great!!!

Yesterday me and my friend Jessica went and found some AWESOME BARGAINS!

I got 40 items and my total was $22.00!!! My items included some cute CALVIN KLEIN jeans that ended up fitting perfectly, cute old navy flip flops,

and lots of really cute things to decorate the "Georgie Boy", including two sets of cute curtains!

Once washed in hot water, these things are as good as new! And it goes to a great cause..what a WIN WIN!!!
Just for Fun! Who remembers these awesome pullovers!? I'll wear mine on the boat when it's chilly!
This is a "JELLY" bible cover! It'll be good to take on vacation!
Here's a cute tropical beach bag!!!


"My Get Healthy" Update...We don't use the "D" word here people!

Good News...

Down from 149 on May 4th to 144 lbs today! To be honest I haven't really been trying very hard...had several little cheat days. But I'm trying to get more serious! I started counting my calories today so I'll update again soon and hopefully the scale will continue to go down! My goal weight is 130 pounds. So that means....14 lbs. to go!

Phillipians 4:13 "I can do ALL THINGS through CHRIST who gives me strength!"

Yea for GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS THIS WEEK and Yea for FAT MONKEYS...they're funny!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

This is Rex and Roxie's FAVORITE place to be!!! Aren't they cute!!??
Trav and Glory playing outside...SPOILED ROTTEN!!! And not very lady like! lol!

That's my G Girl!!!
Roxie is soooo long and she loves having her belly rubbed! She's our little wild one!

Just a quick update on all the pets...Sweet as ever!

Who doesn't love a GOOD DEAL!!!

Trav and I were supposed to go out of town today for a festival but it was awfully rainy so we decided to have a late breakfast at Cracker Barrel....yum!...and then just spend the day together bumming around town!

Here are a few of the treasure I found while out galavanting...
Easter Clearance at Rugged Warehouse....only $1.00!!! Got one for my mom too!
Cute Christmas Decoration to put away until December...$1.00 at Haven of Rest!!!

Blanket in A Bag (just happened to be in two of my favorite colors) only $1.00 on clearance at Rugged Warehouse!!! Perfect for a camping trip!

Trav bought me this new hat at Dick's to wear on the golf course...it's purple! Kind of a Splurge but it'll get put to great use this summer!
I baked my first pound cake today! I overcooked it but next time I'll take it out about five minutes sooner and I think it'll be just right! I don't think I'll have a hard time getting Trav to help me eat it anyway!

NOPE...I was wrong! Just cut us both a piece and it's dry as the sahara! It went into the trash...and we are running for some water! LOL! All great bakers have to throw a couple of cakes away before they produce something worth eating...right??? Ha! Ha!

Yea for deals, Yea for cheap thrills!!! LOL!!!

See the "Mercer Girls" VIDEO OF THE YEAR!!!

See our Oscar Winning Bon Qui Qui Remake!!!

Featuring Molly as Mr. Williams.
Me as Customer #1 and Duwan
Ali as Bon Qui Qui
Morgan as Customer #3
Nikki as Security
Camryn as Customer #2
Meagan as the Camera Girl


I've got it!!!

I'm SO ready to take "Georgie Boy", AKA: our new motor home on a camping adventure! When I saw "new" I mean new to us but certainly not "New"!!! LOL! If you haven't been camping before or it's been awhile...I would encourage you to take your family out and have a little camping fun! It's affordable and such a fun time to be together to fish, swim, eat, nap...whatever your heart desires!

Camping is my FAVORITE!!!

One of my favorite campgrounds is Elijah Clarke State Park in Georgia. Me, Trav, and the rest of my family are going for Memorial Day weekend!!! I can't wait!!!

Yea for lightning bugs, Yea for smores, and Yea for no cares in the world!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's Happenin' Wednesday!

Tonight we had a great time at our bible study!

I was able to resist the homemade pound cake....PERK #1!!!

Once I made it past the pound cake I could focus on what God was going to teach me... lol!

Our lesson was about the characteristics of God...


(He's SO MUCH MORE but those are a few we really focused on!)

We learned about Moses and how God equipped him for the plans he had for him although the plans weren't revealed to him until he was in the "desert of his life". If you are in the "desert" in your life, trust that our STRONG, TRUE, FREEDOM-GIVING FATHER has you there for a reason and is equipping you for the plans that he has layed before you. EVERY JOURNEY AND EVERY EXPERIENCE is GOD'S WAY OF EQUIPPING YOU FOR HIS PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! He will see you through the "desert" and lead you to his STILL AND PEACEFUL WATERS but being in thirsty in the desert will make you ENJOY THE WATERS SO MUCH MORE!!!

I really love my bible study and I REALLY LOVE MY LORD!

Oh yeah, I also got four new magazines for $1.00 at goodwill and a pair of PINK flip flops from Victoria's Secret for $1.50! Good as new after a quick spray of lysol! lol!

Enjoy your day knowing that whatever is changing around you...YOUR GOD AND SAVIOR REMAINS THE SAME...STRONG, TRUE, AND POWERFUL...AND HE LOVES YOU!!!

Yea for a God who LOVES US INTIMATELY, Yea for for a God who KNOWS US INTIMATELY, ....and yes....Yea for Goodwill Goodies too!!!

Wanna see a really funny, really horrible commercial???


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday , Tuesday, Tuesday...

Today was a Terrific Tuesday!!!

Work went well and we got lots done...

I had a nice picnic lunch outside the office (homeade egg salad which was very yummy!)...

I took a little nap when I got home from work...

Me, Trav, and Glory took a MARATHON walk through the neighborhood for about an hour...

We went by Ingles and got some fat-free chocolate ice cream and two bones for Glory girl...
Then we ate dinner, Glory ate her bone, I had some ice cream (of course!), and we ended our night watching a little of our favorite tv shows...

I didn't clean like I had planned, but look at all the other good things I got to do instead! lol!

Yea for MY WONDERFUL HUSBAND, Yea for ice cream (especially the fat free kind!), and yea for long summer walks with my sweet little family!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

My friend Jessica!

I really love my friend Jessica! Her and her husband, Ray, go to our church and we have had so much fun getting to know each other! Here's a pick of us outside of church and a pick of me in the special gift she brought me from Michigan! Much to Trav's dislike I might just think about becoming a Michigan State fan...LOL!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Fran, Mom, Granny, and MaMa...a whole family of Mother's!

I love my Mom so much!!! We had a great time having a family Mother's Day cookout/picnic at my parent's house in Elberton! We also celebrated my little cuz Meagan's 12th birthday! Here's a little bit of what we did...
Camryn, Brian, and Me!
Camryn, Granny, Amy, Morgan, Meagan, Eddie, Pop, and MaMa!
Brain, Ali, Molly, Mom, Morgan, Fran, Camryn, and Nikki!

Carl, Trav, and Dad enjoying their burgers! My handsome hubby relaxing after dinner! Another one of Carl and Trav!

Yea for Mothers, Yea for cookouts, and Yea for Family!!!