"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Sunday, May 12, 2013

{Mother's Day 2013...and a name for our sweet girl!!!}

This one is VERY special since we are expecting our first child, sweet Chloe Lea Rada...

Yep!!! We decided on a name!

Her middle name is Lea (pronounced "Lee"), after Travis's Mom. Her name was Janet Lea Rada and Travis got her maiden name as HIS middle name...and now Chloe will have that name, too! And Chloe, well...it's just an awesome name for an awesome little baby girl! Don't you think?:)

We put ENDLESS hours into deciding on her name and changed our mind SO MANY TIMES. Choosing one of the first things you give to your child, like a name that will last forever, is difficult. So Chloe...we hope you like it! <3 We think it's gonna suite you perfectly!

Fran hosted another delicious Mother's Day picnic at her house. THANKS SWEET AUNT FRAN!!!! We ate chicken fingers, potato salad, pasta salad, pineapple sandwiches, deviled eggs, chips, fruit, and banana pudding. I ate some of EVERYTHING....it was delicious! It was awesome to spend the day with my Mom and the rest of my family <3

We went to Boulevard this morning and got to sit with Betty and Vanessa...it was a wonderful way to start our Mother's Day morning together! We also got to start the morning out in worship of our God who loved us enough to make us HIS children...what a BLESSING!

Love our Granny, too!!!

Well, I could say a MILLION + one things about how special today was, how much we already love our little girl, how excited we are to be her Mommy and Daddy, and on, and on....

but I'm EXHAUSTED! lol...and work comes early tomorrow morning. So, I'll just say this...How awesome is it that God has given us lives full of such JOY, LOVE, and GREAT EXPECTATIONS?!!! We owe ALL this to HIM!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

{Weekend Ramblings}

Breakfast on the new front porch...
View of the front yard and park across the street...grass needs cuttin' again already! Now all we need is to throw a swing over that branch :)
Flower shopping at Lowes...I could LIVE in that garden department right now!
...and a mystery solved! If you eat a cucumber THIS huge in ONE sitting and you're preggo....be prepared for KILLER HEARTBURN!!!! What was I thinking?!

Lesson learned!!! bahaha :)

Boys moving furniture...75% finished with everything at the old house! Yay!
Babs says "bye bye!" Can't believe we are already at 21 weeks!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Days

Yesterday I started this lovely month off with a bang and a bowl (or two:) of cereal courtesy of the FunShip!

*They lost my bag for an entire night and day so I took a few extra boxes of cereal....call it even and convenient!*

 I also got to see THIS GUY!!!
Sweet baby Parker!

Then I went to the FAIR with these girls :)
Giant corndogs for everyone!
Except the goats...they got whatever was in the cup and tried to eat our hands, too!

Look who decided she was a BIG GIRL and rode the train all by herself!
Afterwards, she was so proud of herself, she rode the bumblebees too!

Following the rides....dessert and show :)

 Sea lions Kimmie and Zoey were AWESOME! Who needs SeaWorld when you've got the Anderson County Fair....lol!

This fabulous 2nd day of May also started off quite well ;)

From my sweet friend, Fran!

When I got home from work, the two little boys who live across the street brought me a picture they made of Glory.
It got a prime fridge spot right away! :)

And on the baby front...

Babs kicked pretty hard several times today and I was able to see and feel my belly move from the outside! Travis was still at work so he missed it this time :( I'm sure this is only the beginning though!