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Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Days

Yesterday I started this lovely month off with a bang and a bowl (or two:) of cereal courtesy of the FunShip!

*They lost my bag for an entire night and day so I took a few extra boxes of cereal....call it even and convenient!*

 I also got to see THIS GUY!!!
Sweet baby Parker!

Then I went to the FAIR with these girls :)
Giant corndogs for everyone!
Except the goats...they got whatever was in the cup and tried to eat our hands, too!

Look who decided she was a BIG GIRL and rode the train all by herself!
Afterwards, she was so proud of herself, she rode the bumblebees too!

Following the rides....dessert and show :)

 Sea lions Kimmie and Zoey were AWESOME! Who needs SeaWorld when you've got the Anderson County Fair....lol!

This fabulous 2nd day of May also started off quite well ;)

From my sweet friend, Fran!

When I got home from work, the two little boys who live across the street brought me a picture they made of Glory.
It got a prime fridge spot right away! :)

And on the baby front...

Babs kicked pretty hard several times today and I was able to see and feel my belly move from the outside! Travis was still at work so he missed it this time :( I'm sure this is only the beginning though!


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