"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

{Thrift Deals and Birthday Thrills!}

Here are a few of my newest (and best:) deals from this past week!
A. Byer twill plaid jacket-$1 at GW
Olive-colored Tommy cords- $1 at GW

OOoh and this favorite:)....
Worthington fitted gray blazer-$1 at GW

This was also a pretty neat find! Arden B red tunic with the original tag still on it....
Cute open back:)
Retailed at one time for $64! Paid $1 at GW!
I think this might just be the BEST thing from this week! I got it today on the 50 cent rack at Goodwill!
Cute, retro kakhi-colored trench! I was SO PSYCHED to find this! Please excuse the no makeup/balled-up hair look:) Just look at the awesome coat...lol!

Today we had a birthday celebration for my precious Granny! Isn't she beautiful? She's just as beautiful on the inside, too!
Happy Birthday Granny! I love you so much! I hope to be as much like you as I possibly can!

We shopped around and goofed around most of the afternoon.... and....If you've never done this...you must! Put your face up to the edge of a mirror in a department store and let someone stand on the other end and this is what they'll see! IT.IS.SO.FUN!!!
That's me:) LOL!
We also ate a yummy lunch at Olive Garden and Gran treated us to some cookies from Great American Cookie Company...I got a snickerdoodle and chewy pecan supreme...SUPER GOOD!:)
Later we had a blast at Party City (I really thought they might kick us out at any minute:)!
Molly was on patrol....
...Nikki was a total REDNECK!....
and isn't my Mom aging well?! Haha! She's a hoot:)Hope everyone has a great week!!!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

{Oh how I've loved you, Wednesday!}

I brought a few new things to the office today---to add a touch of fall and (hopefully) a little cheer:)

I also brought along a friend for this guy...isn't she purdty? Found her today while browsing around during lunch:)
WARNING---if you are weak in the stomach scroll past the next pic!
Ick! But nevertheless...I just LOVE peroxide! I actually like getting a little cut or something every once in awhile so I can see it bubble up:) BTW---that's just a little cut on my foot so don't freak out too much!

Now...on to more pleasant topics:) Here are a few of my finds from today's thrift:) Which, BTW, only happened because I found $20 in the back pocket of a new pair of pants I wore today...such a blessing! I guess it was in there all along....I bought them at Goodwill a few weeks ago and even washed them, too. It was a very nice surprise!

First off, a pet pal personal pet warmer...don't worry...made me laugh, too!:) You put it in the microwave and then put it in your pet's bed. I got it for the outside strays because I always try to set something up for them when it gets cold and it was only $1.
Next....believe it or not...HALLOWEEN TOILET PAPER! They had two rolls-one for each one my bathrooms:) I had no idea holiday themed tp even existed!
Another neat find----vintage panty hose:) Still in the original package and in great shape and only 50 cent. Never know when a fall dress might require a pair of navy hose:)

An old Totes umbrella that (and I hope this doesn't offend anyone) probably belonged to a little old lady because it's in perfect shape:) Older people tend to take better care of things---at least I think so:) Yep...it was raining in my kitchen! Can you believe that?!

And now for perhaps one of my all-time favorite finds...
A set of vintage entertaining bowls:) LOVE 'EM!

So...after all these deals and a wonderful day full of blessings....I am feeling full of energy and ready to watch Storage Wars and get some clothes hung---and best of all, eat the pizza Trav just picked up:)
Hi Yah!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

{Scarf it down!}

Hey Friends!

I LOVE finding cheap little silk scarfs at the thrift store:) They're so easy to wear and they add a little pop of color to any outfit. I got this one for a quarter last weekend:)They also feel kinda "fancy" which adds a little something special to your day:) And that's just about as "fancy" as this girl gets...LOL!

This afternoon I sat on the front porch and just relaxed for awhile...soaking in all the fall goodness I could get!
Glory relaxed, too:)
After reading, I put up my new pumpkin/leaf wooden "swag" on my mirror in the dining room. I got it today for 50 cent at Haven of Rest during my lunch. Yay! Please look over the rest of the mess everywhere:)
My dining room table is my go-to dumping spot when I come thru the door:) I try to clear it off by bedtime most night but that doesn't always happen....SO.....

As I was sorting/decorating/cleaning I put on Trav's flip flops because I left mine on the front porch and I don't like being barefoot on my hardwoods. As I continued to (attempt) to sort through a pile of laundry, I realized I needed to make a quick grocery run. In a hurry, I got Glory's leash, loaded her into the car, and made my way to Ingles. I didn't even notice I was STILL wearing these HUGE men's flip flops until I almost tripped over one on the cereal aisle:) I was wearing straight-leg cords, too, which made it SO obvious...so I hope someone got a good laugh:)
In crafty news---

I found a really easy, cute candy corn wreath over at Keeping it Simple and thought you guys might wanna try making one for your door~I love the cheap and easy kind of craft ideas:) I'm going to make a mini one for my office door with a small plain wreath I got for a quarter at Goodwill and have been saving for the right project.

Nighty! Night! Time to go make some pancakes...


Friday, September 16, 2011

{Do it on a Dime: Decorate-your Home and Yourself!}

I think Fall might just be my FAVORITE season! I love decorating with the rich colors, pretty leaves, and pumpkins....

...and the sound of acorns and sweetgum balls crunching under your feet:) It's one of the most WONDERFUL times of the year! I also love those seasonal/holiday cling stickers for windows and mirrors:)

"WHOOOO" of you loves Fall, too? :)
P.S That centerpiece is EASY as pumpkin pie:) (I actually have no clue any pie is actually easy because I've never made one--lol!---but we'll stick with that saying anyway:)----fill an old vase with a strand of leaves and let them fall over the top. Fill with sprigs of fall foilage and you're done! I found the vase for $1 and the flowers for 50 cent at Goodwill so try to thrift it and make it yourself before spending too much $$$ in a store for a pre-made one:)
I also found a few good deals at the Dollar Tree yesterday:) I tried the brown shadow stick/eyeliner and mascara/highlighter and I really liked them both.
I think it ended up a very soft and natural look:) The liner stayed in place all day without smearing and the mascara coated well and lengthened lots:) The gold mascara highlighter was fun and with a light dusting of powder, the shadow stick stayed in place all day without creasing.
AND....this morning I was able to pull out a turtle neck and coat---given to me from my good friend, Megan, who got it from a French friend of hers while she was a nanny in England---which made me feel so cozy, happy, and European!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{Party at Ken and Lynn's!}

It's a BIRTHDAY kind of month around the Rada Households! I'd like to wish a VERY Happy Birthday to Nun Nun (9-15) and Lynn (9-11)!
We celebrated with fabulous grilled hamburgers, baked beans, fruit, all kinds of appetizers:), and CAKE!
And best of all....Patrick was in town! Yay!
The Rada Family:) Unfortunately Hunter couldn't make it because he had a late class at AU....we missed you Hunter!
We had such a GREAT time and anytime Nun Nun is around you can bet you're gonna be laughing! See----I couldn't even stop long enough to take a pic:)
Poor Nun Nun had scratched his eye earlier in the day but boy isn't he a good lookin' fella:)
Nun Nun and Travis---Double Trouble!
Me and my sweet hubby!
...And the LADIES:)
As usual...boys will be boys:)...

(while us ladies remain cool, calm, and civilized...haha!)

See what I mean?:) We didn't get home until midnight and we had such a WONDERFUL time! Lynn is always such a great hostess and I don't think the night could've been much better:) I hope we have a repeat very soon!