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Thursday, September 1, 2011

{Thursday's THIS ~n~ THAT!}

I stopped by Goodwill for a minute yesterday after work and found these floating candles for my fish bowl for 50 cent! I wonder if it's safe to have them in there if I don't light them? Better check that out before I put our fish friend in:) I'm still trying to think of a safe place to put him where the cats won't get him???
I found a cute witch picture frame....
and a new little purse....
... that is just about wallet size and has LOTS of compartments! :) I like these kind of bags for travel and shopping:) I think the gold along with the rich jewel tones will be good for fall.
I found this cute orange bag for my purse:) I love these cute see-thru kind that makes it easy to see what you put in it!
I did some grocery shopping before going home and I'm making three meals out of what I bought---trying to stretch the budget and get a little creative:) I'm gonna start trying to make as many meals out of as few ingredients as possible...if you have any suggestions...PLEASE let me know:)
#1- Chili and cheese baked potatoes with jalepeno slices and corn on the cob (Wed. night)

#2. Taco salad with chicken (Tonight)

FRIDAY--We will probably go out to eat:)

#3. Supreme Nachos with chili, cheese, salsa, jalepenos, beans, and chicken for the first night of COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!! I.CAN'T.WAIT!!!!

These 'taters were gone in a matter of mintues---Obviously I had a spicy craving going on:)

P.S. I hope to find some good deals at today's DOLLAR DAYS---I'll keep you posted!



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