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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{Humpty Dump...}

It's the middle of the week and to take away some of those "hump day" blahs I thought I'd entertain you with what's been going on in my world:) As you can see...our family nest has suffered a tragedy..."I" was beheaded! Thanks to Rex (Ugh...THAT CAT!) who knocked the nest from my window sill, into my sink, where I watched the pink head fall into the garbage disposal. At least the eggs were still safe inside:)
Moving on....LOL! A new key chain from the thrift store...
and leftover biscuits I resisted at lunch from Mama Penns that I'm instead eating for supper with some strawberry jelly....YUM!

In light of the quickly approaching Holiday Season (I have only 74 work days until Christmas---minus all days off and planned vacation days!) I have decided to start keeping my food journal for a short time to lose a few pounds to make room for the winter months. Most people are more likely to gain weight during the fall and winter months so it helps to be extra vigilent and get AHEAD so that you don't have to pass up all your favorites come November and December:)
Backtracking a bit to the weekend----

...chanelling a hippy vibe after a day of yard sale shopping:)
My mom, Aunt Fran, and Nikki picked me up around 7 am and we set out for the deals!
Fran found lots of great things at our first stop:)
...and I found some clothes that had my name written ALL OVER THEM....not literally of course:)
After atleast 10 stops we had our arms full and the car loaded to the brim!
We stopped to relax and refuel at Olive Garden then hit up Goodwill as our final spot for the day:)

With the fam on their way back home to E-town, I put up all my new treasures and got all my new clothes washed, dried and put up. By the time Trav got home I was hungry again:)
We agreed that Cracker Barell would hit the spot:) That blackberry topping is TO DIE FOR! And it did....especially after I beat Travis in a few games of checkers....Ah!! Ha!!!

(....he beat me a few times, too...) but that's not important! :)



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