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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

{Light as a Feather!}

Bye Bye July! You went by so quickly! I'd like to do vacation week once more....please?:)
As you can see, I like to decorate my calendar with stickers to make it more fun and festive on the days I have to work. July featured mermaids and other sea creatures:)

I found these Land Before Time stickers at Goodwill the other day...

....so August is Dinosaur month:) Who remembers this AWESOME movie and the puppets from Pizza Hut???

A special thanks to my Sistah-Friend MO of Sweet Petite Cupcakes who hooked me up with a few hair feathers!

...and Green:)

I feel so cool now...hehe!


1 comment:

jinxi~ aka angi said...

I love love love this feather trend. I have bought several sets of earrings. As a matter of fact I have a set of peacock feather earrings that are too big for me.. if youd be interested Id email them to you.. with your long hair theyd probably hide some of the biggness and look real good. Please let me know.. email me if you want! ;)