"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Friday, July 30, 2010

{Psalms 119:11}

"I have hidden your word in my heart
that I might not sin against you."
~Psalms 119:11~

Trav and I have decided that it's VERY IMPORTANT for us to make it a habit to memorize scripture so what better time to start than now! I found this nifty little scripture holder at Lifeway and we have decided to commit two verses to memory per week and then try to recite all eight by memory at the end of the month. I'M EXCITED!

{Pardon the *cruddy* cell phone pic!}

Our first verse for this week is the one you see above...
"The Lord is good to all; He has compassion on all he has made."
~Pslams 145:9~

Our second verse for this week is on the back of the card above...
"I have set the Lord always before me. Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken."
~Psalms 16:8~

I am always so comforted when I am able to recall one of God's promises in stressful times so having even more of his word stored in the ole' noggin will be awesome!!!


P.S. TGIF!!!

{A lunch date with ME!}

Yesterday was one of the BUSIEST days I've had in a long time. I had to testify in a Termination of Parental Rights hearing and I was cross-examined for the first time...but I must say it went very well! Thank you Lord!


So today, on this LOVELY Friday, I just feel like RELAXING! And I'm gonna have a lunch date with....Myself!

Just me, Little Bee, and a you pick two combo at Panera Bread. A perfect way to relax!

I already know what I'm gonna have:

1/2 smoked Turkey on whole wheat, no mayo

Baked lays

black bean soup


Come to think of it, I actually have TWO dates scheduled for today because we have a double date tonight with Ken and Lynn.

I'm looking forward to that, too!

So... plan a date or two, maybe one just for you!

You deserve it!



Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{Long day=short post!}

Keepin' it short tonight because I've been working all day on a case that's going to court tomorrow and I still have A LOT to prepare...

But I just wanted to show you this Halloween Tee I got for 25 cent so that can Travis can be a part of our family "Pumpkin Patch" for Halloween. Don't ya know that he was just beyond thrilled...yeah right! But since he's a sweet husband and I'm a persuavive/demanding wife....he WILL be wearing it come Oct. 31st! Also, the baked DRENCH DRIES really hit the spot!
Hot, Salty and Crispy-Crunchy! Just how I like 'em!

Today I've officially had too many m&m's, too much crunchy peanut butter, and WAY too much caffeine! But guess what?

I'm about to top it all off with a piece of Michelle's homemade apple pie!
Don't mind if I do! Who needs dinner when you can have dessert instead?!

And for your comedic pleasure...

Where did the worm take his date?

**To the Big Apple!**



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

{French fries are good but Angels are the BEST!}

Wanna know why?

Huh, Huh, Huh???

Ok, I'll tell ya! In fact, I've been dying to get to my blog ALL day to brag about some of the Angels in my life! And to vent about my unrelenting urge for drench dries---no, not a typo---apparently that's what I texted Trav today- HeHe! So anyway, here goes...


I would be remise not to tell you about Michelle who SO KINDLY supplied us with a FREE and SO DESPERATELY needed vacuum cleaner! And not just ANY vacuum cleaner but one that actually works and actually gets up pet hair! A modern day MIRACLE! I took a pic of Trav vacuuming with it but he made me promise not to post that on my blog...and I keep my promises...hehe!

Michelle also gave Glory a present....

EEEK! It screeches and sticks out its toungue when you give him a squeeze!
Glory is a BIG BABY so she was afraid at first but I think they're growing on her!

Also courtesy of "Angel Michelle",

This lovely dish rack for my sink...why did i NOT have one of these sooner???

Now for "Angel #2": CW who gave me an awesome quote that I wanna share with you, too!

"Yard by yard, life's too hard but inch by inch, life's a cinch!"

So, when you're having a tough day just remember that little saying and it might just make your day a little better!

Or, take a load off on an awesome chair that you found for a buck at a yard sale, that might make you smile, too!

I found the perfect spot for mine! I can't wait until he makes friends with someone's bottom who is visiting my house and needs a place to sit!

I have been on a "wanting to redo, repaint, and reorganize my house frenzy" today. It started when I was in a boring training and felt the urge to jump out of my seat, drive home, and get to it right away. But luckily, I excersied a little self control and drew up some plans in my notebook instead. So now I have a whole new "treasure hunt" list for upcoming yard sales and thrifting adventures.

#1 on my list right now is some type of antique (or just old:)vanity similar to this:


Isn't she a beauty? This is my "in my dreams version" and this is probably a little more realistic...

Though, with lots of love, I could really fix 'er up!
Also of interest, I purchased my Bridesmaids dress for Nikki's wedding yesterday at David's Bridal in Greenville and guess what??? It's almost right beside the Goodwill Clearance Center! But, I'll have you know that I did NOT stop in and buy more movies and books. No, sir ree!
Ok, I fibbed a little... But who could pass up these awesome classics!

*Crickets chirpping*{Probably EVERYONE but me!}

And lastly, I only had two major dilemma's today both of which were easily solved:

1. I was CRAVING McDonalds like it was nobody's business. I knew I would feel YUCKY if I stuffed myself with all that fried food at lunch and had to go sit for another three hours in my training. So...I came up with an alternate plan. I decided to have a subway sandwich for lunch *filling and healthy* and satisfy my craving for french fries tonight by baking some of my own. Perfecto! (Let's just hope my plan works!)

2. I forgot my sunglasses for my 2 1/2 hr. trip to Columbia! Major bummer! I solved this one pretty easily by stopping for these during my lunch break: Not too shabby for $3!

Hope you have a wonderful night! I'm off to satisfy my craving for fried and salty taters!



Monday, July 26, 2010

{Sweatin' for Savings!}

And I don't mean perspiring or glistening...I mean REALLY SWEATING!

It was atleast 90 degrees by 7:30 am on Saturday morning when I met up with Mom, Molly, Makayla and Nikki for some yard sales and thrifting. But it was worth getting sweaty and sticky for the deals I found!

First, I got these earrings for my Mom, who is also know as "Happy" to my little cousins and Makayla! Isn't that CUTE? It's a great alternative to Grandmother...hehe! And I found these earrings just for her!

In between finding these earrings and the rest of my treasures, we had to stop for lunch to refuel and rehydrate! Chick-fil-A hit the spot....
I just LOVE their soup! I know you're probably thinking...soup on such a hot day? Well, by the time I got in and sat down I was cooled off and ready to fill my belly with this healthy option!
This large size has only 220 calories and 6 grams of fat!

(I'm gonna pretend I didn't eat several big waffle fries with lots of extra salt!)

Mom and Nikki were ready to refuel, too!

We left feeling full and ready to find some more bargains! We went to atleast 10-12 different yard sales and a couple of local thrift stores before it was time to call it a day.

Here's what I came home with:
(One pumpkin suit is for Glory and one is for Me so we can be twins for Halloween! Now I gotta find Trav one!)

All this +MORE for only $20!

This candy jar for $1 was one of my favorite finds! And Me DO usually want Candy all day long! HeHe!

And I got these casserole dish holders (guess that's what you'd call um:) and liked their old, vintage vibe. I can't wait to use them to take some food to my friend who just had a baby on Friday!
I found these Tupperware deals at a local yard sale and they were clean and looked like they had seen very little use (I also got an orange bowl just like the yellow one above). So they are practically new to me! I'm slowly trying to replace all my old containers with vintage tupperware....I just love the stuff! Travis even loved the big blue container because he said his Mom used to have one just like it and she would fill it up with fresh baked cookies!

This new piece on my coffee table was only 25 cent!
Perfect for holding my photo albums, new Clemson coasters

and the remote!

And Ahhh....now to my favorties:
All these super little children's books to add to my collection. I curled up in bed and read them all before I took a little nap on Saturday. It just makes you feel like a kid again...and HAPPY!

And my beloved VHS tapes! I already watched Little Audrey this weekend...so good!

And here's Mrs. Happy Heart who found a place on my desk!

I filled her up with these...
And now she's ready to spread happiness and cheer throughout my office and my day!
I also got a super cute coozie that is green and blue with polka dots that I'm gonna get embroidered, a chair to use in my lving room to hold throws and provide an extra seat, and a very nice letter/mail station with a little drawer to hold pens, stamps, ect.
If you've never been thrifting or yard-selling I highly recommend that you go sometime!

It's fun, frugal, and FANTASTIC!!!

And finally.... here's today's joke:

Why don't acrobats perform in the winter?
**They only do Summer-saults!**


Friday, July 23, 2010


Poor Trav accidentally stepped into a FIRE ANT BED last night...
He was outside playing with Glory....
and ended up in PAIN!

Sorry Honey!

So now for your Friday joke...
What do you get when dinosaurs crash cars?
**Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!**
He! He!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

{Why have a dinner party?}


Well, I got an AWESOME deal on a new 8 piece place setting yesterday at Kohl's and that's a good enough reason for me!
I eyed this set when I was in Kohl's a few days ago and when I got a $10 coupon in my email yesterday I knew exactly how to spend it. The dishes were already 70% off and with my coupon I got them for $21.19! So each piece was about 66 cent and I saved $80!!!

I have some beautiful Vera Bradley china (but I mainly keep it on display) and some gorgeous Lenox Christmas China but I wanted a new simple but elegant set to use for get-togethers. So this fit the bill perfectly. It's white with a simple platinum rim. Just Lovely!

So....if you get an invite to a dinner party at my house soon, just know it's because I love YOU and my new DISHES!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

{Sushi + Friends= FUN!}

There's nothing like a lunch date with some of my "besties" and raw fish! Especially during a work day in which a nice break is nice to be had!
Mark had Ud0n Tempura
Bubba had this...
And I had a cucumber roll and tuna roll....DELICIOUS!
...Plus Leslie's leftovers!

Lisa brought her new baby, Cooper, and we passed him around so we could all give him some lovin'!

I'm so blessed to have AWESOME friends...I love yall!



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

{Happy Birthday to "We's Deddy!"}

Happy Birthday to you,
You live in a zoo,
you look like a monkey....
and you smell like one, too!

Just kidding, Dad!

I love you {and you don't look or smell like monkey!) and I hope you have a WONDERFUL, FABULOUS, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

And a quick thanks to my sistah-friend, Mo, who started my day off with a fabulous surprise...

A Fat Free vanilla cappucinno! She's a SWEET sistah!

Now, backtracking a bit to FUNDAY SUNDAY...

My family met up in A-town to celebrate my Dad's birthday at Ryan's...Yum!


And looky what the pets have been up to...
Being fat and lazy! I love my Big Daddy Rex! And Trav, as usual, continues to spoil Glory ROTTEN!!!
I was trying to color in my new Disney coloring book that I got at the Goodwill Clearance Center but Rex kept getting in my way. I love to color every once in awhile...it's so relaxing!

I tried to stay in the lines! hehe...what do you think?

And finally, I don't think I need to leave you with a joke today because the following is funny enough...

I'm a wizard! Found the hat on a recent thrifting adventure...told ya it was funny!



Monday, July 19, 2010

{I only have fun on days that end in "Y"!}

....and that includes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, right? And lots of FUN was had!

So here we go!!!

Fun Day #1:

Friday night, Trav took me out to Sullivan's for dinner and a date night!

{Red Zombie eyes make for beautiful photos, huh?}

Trav didn't want his pic taken but I snuck this one...
We got this awesome appetizer...

It's a GIANORMOUS seafood taco and it was TO DIE FOR! Scallops, shrimp, and fish with zesty "taco" flavors...YUM! Travis had a cup of blue crap soup and we both had DELICIOUS salads as our entrees. It was a special treat!

After dinner we walked out into a TYPHOON of a storm but it made the evening even more fun and romantic! Except maybe for Trav who had to run about a mile to the car and ended up soaked. But he didn't let it put a damper on date night...thanks honey!

I survived my run to the car...although mine was MUCH shorter!

Our original plan after dinner was to go to a movie but since it was all rainy and my hubby was DRENCHED we decided to get a red box movie and some ice cream and take it home instead.
Trav picked this FF Frozen Strawberry Yogurt...absolutely HEAVENLY! I think it was all gone by Sunday night!

We watched "The Lovely Bones" and were a little disappointed. It was SLOW and STRANGE but good enough that it kept me watching until the end. Trav, on the other hand, conched right out.

Fun Day #2:

I admit it...I slept in until around 10 am on Saturday but enjoyed every second of it! Then I hit up some A-town thrift stores to see what might catch my eye...

I found this at Haven of Rest and it serves two purposes. For now it holds my cereal bars and in October it will be used at Nikki's wedding to hold candy and other various and assundry things. LOL! (Thanks for letting me borrow your saying Big Al!)

Next, I found some new toys for Makayla...

**I got all of the above (plus a new can opener and two read along books with records) for $5!**
Later that evening we decided to go see Twilight Eclipse. It was AWESOME! Still have no idea what team I'm on so guess I'm still Switzerland, leaning slightly towards Team Jacob!

After the movie, we stopped by Ulta and I got myself a little treat...

I decided on this Olive eyeliner mostly because it was on sale for $1! Yay!

I used it Sunday for church and LOVED it. They still have some too...go get ya one!

Well...I'm running out of time so I think I'm gonna save Fun Day #3 (aka: Sunday) for another post!

But I would HATE to let you down by forgetting your joke...HEHE...

Why did the class clown give Jenny a dog biscuit?
**He heard she was the teacher's pet!**

Some Corny goodness to get your day started off right!