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Monday, July 12, 2010

{Just couldn't wait...}

...to show you what I found at the Goodwill Clearance Center yesterday!

Here's some pics of yesterday's Top 10 FAV finds...

1. I found this Cabbage Patch Koosas doll from 1983 that was in pretty good condition. I'm thinking about putting it on Ebay...I checked earlier and I think he may go for $6-$10.

2. I got 23 children's books to add to my library...hehe! I found so many great ones that I didn't already have...YAY!

3. We are now entering my toy arsenal for Makayla! I want to be prepared for her to have LOTS of fun when she comes to play at Aunt Laura's house! When you push this, it lights up and the little dog bobbles up and down.

4. This litte ball plays music and the little monkey balances on top! He's a cutie....my cats liked him too!

5. Hello??? Hello???

6. Hi, it's me, Elmo!

7. I thought Makayla would look ADORABLE in this dress in the winter with a little hat and some black tights!
8. Got any bird seed? HEHE! My lil' sister Nikki had one like this about 15 years ago and it brought back lots of memories! You pull a little string in the back and he says several cute lil' phrases. It was a tad bit dirty but after a good spray with stain remover and a trip through the rinse cycle he was as good as new! Guess he had a bird bath!

9. A cute little catepillar that rattles, squishes, and jingles!
10. Travis doesn't like clowns so I got this to scare him a little...hehe!

I got ALL this + LOTS OF OTHER STUFF for $10!
Oh, and I just found out that AmStar Cinemas and Starlight Stadium 14 here in Anderson offers free movies for kids and their families every Tuesday and Wednesday morning at 10 am! Pretty cool, huh?


Turd Ferguson said...

Wow!! You are the ultimate deal finder.

~ Rada Rhythm and Rhyme~ said...

Hehe! Thanks...I try!