"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Monday, July 19, 2010

{I only have fun on days that end in "Y"!}

....and that includes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, right? And lots of FUN was had!

So here we go!!!

Fun Day #1:

Friday night, Trav took me out to Sullivan's for dinner and a date night!

{Red Zombie eyes make for beautiful photos, huh?}

Trav didn't want his pic taken but I snuck this one...
We got this awesome appetizer...

It's a GIANORMOUS seafood taco and it was TO DIE FOR! Scallops, shrimp, and fish with zesty "taco" flavors...YUM! Travis had a cup of blue crap soup and we both had DELICIOUS salads as our entrees. It was a special treat!

After dinner we walked out into a TYPHOON of a storm but it made the evening even more fun and romantic! Except maybe for Trav who had to run about a mile to the car and ended up soaked. But he didn't let it put a damper on date night...thanks honey!

I survived my run to the car...although mine was MUCH shorter!

Our original plan after dinner was to go to a movie but since it was all rainy and my hubby was DRENCHED we decided to get a red box movie and some ice cream and take it home instead.
Trav picked this FF Frozen Strawberry Yogurt...absolutely HEAVENLY! I think it was all gone by Sunday night!

We watched "The Lovely Bones" and were a little disappointed. It was SLOW and STRANGE but good enough that it kept me watching until the end. Trav, on the other hand, conched right out.

Fun Day #2:

I admit it...I slept in until around 10 am on Saturday but enjoyed every second of it! Then I hit up some A-town thrift stores to see what might catch my eye...

I found this at Haven of Rest and it serves two purposes. For now it holds my cereal bars and in October it will be used at Nikki's wedding to hold candy and other various and assundry things. LOL! (Thanks for letting me borrow your saying Big Al!)

Next, I found some new toys for Makayla...

**I got all of the above (plus a new can opener and two read along books with records) for $5!**
Later that evening we decided to go see Twilight Eclipse. It was AWESOME! Still have no idea what team I'm on so guess I'm still Switzerland, leaning slightly towards Team Jacob!

After the movie, we stopped by Ulta and I got myself a little treat...

I decided on this Olive eyeliner mostly because it was on sale for $1! Yay!

I used it Sunday for church and LOVED it. They still have some too...go get ya one!

Well...I'm running out of time so I think I'm gonna save Fun Day #3 (aka: Sunday) for another post!

But I would HATE to let you down by forgetting your joke...HEHE...

Why did the class clown give Jenny a dog biscuit?
**He heard she was the teacher's pet!**

Some Corny goodness to get your day started off right!


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