"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Monday, July 26, 2010

{Sweatin' for Savings!}

And I don't mean perspiring or glistening...I mean REALLY SWEATING!

It was atleast 90 degrees by 7:30 am on Saturday morning when I met up with Mom, Molly, Makayla and Nikki for some yard sales and thrifting. But it was worth getting sweaty and sticky for the deals I found!

First, I got these earrings for my Mom, who is also know as "Happy" to my little cousins and Makayla! Isn't that CUTE? It's a great alternative to Grandmother...hehe! And I found these earrings just for her!

In between finding these earrings and the rest of my treasures, we had to stop for lunch to refuel and rehydrate! Chick-fil-A hit the spot....
I just LOVE their soup! I know you're probably thinking...soup on such a hot day? Well, by the time I got in and sat down I was cooled off and ready to fill my belly with this healthy option!
This large size has only 220 calories and 6 grams of fat!

(I'm gonna pretend I didn't eat several big waffle fries with lots of extra salt!)

Mom and Nikki were ready to refuel, too!

We left feeling full and ready to find some more bargains! We went to atleast 10-12 different yard sales and a couple of local thrift stores before it was time to call it a day.

Here's what I came home with:
(One pumpkin suit is for Glory and one is for Me so we can be twins for Halloween! Now I gotta find Trav one!)

All this +MORE for only $20!

This candy jar for $1 was one of my favorite finds! And Me DO usually want Candy all day long! HeHe!

And I got these casserole dish holders (guess that's what you'd call um:) and liked their old, vintage vibe. I can't wait to use them to take some food to my friend who just had a baby on Friday!
I found these Tupperware deals at a local yard sale and they were clean and looked like they had seen very little use (I also got an orange bowl just like the yellow one above). So they are practically new to me! I'm slowly trying to replace all my old containers with vintage tupperware....I just love the stuff! Travis even loved the big blue container because he said his Mom used to have one just like it and she would fill it up with fresh baked cookies!

This new piece on my coffee table was only 25 cent!
Perfect for holding my photo albums, new Clemson coasters

and the remote!

And Ahhh....now to my favorties:
All these super little children's books to add to my collection. I curled up in bed and read them all before I took a little nap on Saturday. It just makes you feel like a kid again...and HAPPY!

And my beloved VHS tapes! I already watched Little Audrey this weekend...so good!

And here's Mrs. Happy Heart who found a place on my desk!

I filled her up with these...
And now she's ready to spread happiness and cheer throughout my office and my day!
I also got a super cute coozie that is green and blue with polka dots that I'm gonna get embroidered, a chair to use in my lving room to hold throws and provide an extra seat, and a very nice letter/mail station with a little drawer to hold pens, stamps, ect.
If you've never been thrifting or yard-selling I highly recommend that you go sometime!

It's fun, frugal, and FANTASTIC!!!

And finally.... here's today's joke:

Why don't acrobats perform in the winter?
**They only do Summer-saults!**