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Saturday, July 17, 2010

{Team Switzerland}

Trav and I are going to see Twilight Eclipse tonight and I am very undecided about which side I'm on...

So my lil' sis, Ali, said I could be on Team Switzerland (which she herself is on) since I'm still torn. You know, since Switzerland is neutral and all...took me a minute to get that one, too! But maybe after tonight I'll pick my team! We shall see...

I'm gonna sneak some skittles in (these skittles, actually) that I've been saving for perfect moment and watch to see what becomes of Bella, Jacob, and Edward.

And Kudos to me...lol!...I washed my curtains today! AND ironed them! I REALLY don't know what's gotten into me...

And I'll leave you with this, my new favorite quote:

"We are all angels with but one wing,
And only by embracing each other can we fly."
~Luciano De Crescenzo

Isn't that BEAUTIFUL?

Time to go pick a team...


{Ok, I'm pretty sure at least SOMEONE saw this post in it's original form in which I so "blondly" called it Team Netherlands! Hehe! I think it was a combo of recent World Cup action and my natural affinity to make these kind of hilarious mistakes that my husband can enjoy for months on end! Hehe!!!}

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Elizabeth said...

I am sooo Team Edward. Jacob has the body, but Edward has it all! LOL.