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Friday, July 9, 2010

{Deal of the Day!}

I went into CVS to use my $1.50 extra care bucks and came out with this...
for a measly 20 cent!


I got the skittles because...well, because I LOVE the crazy core kind, and the notebook because I need to start writing down my daily calories again... I've gotten a little slack since the beach...OOPS!

So far, so good! But how will I fare tonight with my free chick-fil-a combo? We'll have to wait and see. And how is it free you might ask, well....It's cow appreciation day---duh! Dress like a cow and get a free combo...as easy as that! And yes, I know I gotta add in the skittles somewhere. Hehe! Maybe I'll save those for tomorrow...might talk my other half into a movie tomorrow evening for date night...a perfect time to taste the rainbow!

Also, I wrote my goal down inside my notebook to keep me motivated and on track...
I'll write down my weight every Monday just to stay on top of things...it's too easy to get too slack. I still haven't met my ultimate weight loss goal yet so I'm trying to stay diligent!

Anybody have any good tips for staying on track with your weight loss goals?

(Besides passing up the occasional skittles? :)

And now for your Funny Friday Joke...

How did Ronald McDonald celebrate his marriage to Wendy?

**He gave her an onion ring!**




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