"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{Humpty Dump...}

It's the middle of the week and to take away some of those "hump day" blahs I thought I'd entertain you with what's been going on in my world:) As you can see...our family nest has suffered a tragedy..."I" was beheaded! Thanks to Rex (Ugh...THAT CAT!) who knocked the nest from my window sill, into my sink, where I watched the pink head fall into the garbage disposal. At least the eggs were still safe inside:)
Moving on....LOL! A new key chain from the thrift store...
and leftover biscuits I resisted at lunch from Mama Penns that I'm instead eating for supper with some strawberry jelly....YUM!

In light of the quickly approaching Holiday Season (I have only 74 work days until Christmas---minus all days off and planned vacation days!) I have decided to start keeping my food journal for a short time to lose a few pounds to make room for the winter months. Most people are more likely to gain weight during the fall and winter months so it helps to be extra vigilent and get AHEAD so that you don't have to pass up all your favorites come November and December:)
Backtracking a bit to the weekend----

...chanelling a hippy vibe after a day of yard sale shopping:)
My mom, Aunt Fran, and Nikki picked me up around 7 am and we set out for the deals!
Fran found lots of great things at our first stop:)
...and I found some clothes that had my name written ALL OVER THEM....not literally of course:)
After atleast 10 stops we had our arms full and the car loaded to the brim!
We stopped to relax and refuel at Olive Garden then hit up Goodwill as our final spot for the day:)

With the fam on their way back home to E-town, I put up all my new treasures and got all my new clothes washed, dried and put up. By the time Trav got home I was hungry again:)
We agreed that Cracker Barell would hit the spot:) That blackberry topping is TO DIE FOR! And it did....especially after I beat Travis in a few games of checkers....Ah!! Ha!!!

(....he beat me a few times, too...) but that's not important! :)



Friday, August 26, 2011

{Hellooooooo WEEKEND!}

Boy am I glad it's 'bout to be the weekend BAY-BEE!!! I didn't wake up until 8:15 and had to be at work by 8:30 so I was happy it was blue jean day:)
When I got to the office I watered my pretty plant and it's still doing great! I would rather get a plant like this any day rather than fresh flowers because they last so much longer:)

During lunch I went by Goodwill and guess what happened....
I got framed! HEHE! I'm planning on putting this up in my bedroom with the word FOREVER in it to represent how much I love my hubby! I like romantic bedrooms....what girl doesn't?!
Anyway, how 'bout some Turkey???
No? Ok, then lets browse the Ladies section:)
A new Jessica McClintock black cocktail dress with tags and all just $1---now I just gotta find somewhere to wear it!
Well...it's time for me to hang it up for today:) Hope you have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND--mine is filled with plans of Family Fun, Yard sales, The Help, Olive Garden, Household Repairs, and Homemade Apple Pies!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I found some Burberry Sandals at Goodwill! $4.25 and in decent shape except I just didn't really think they were very cute---what do you think? And for $99 you can buy similar used ones on Ebay....NO THANKS:) But it was a very fun find!

Then, I saw these Dior sandals on the rack below....
Pretty cool, huh:)? I love finding designer things although I don't always care to own them:) I would NEVER wear those---definetly not my style---but if you're in the market check the Clemson Blvd Goodwill!
Now THIS is more MY style:) A bracelet in honor of our big mean (yet sometimes very sweet!)cat, Rex:)
...and my new Norman Rockwell Print for $2--already hung and making me happy!

I got lots of great LIBRARY LOOT at lunch---
... and I'm looking forward to a turkey dog and baked fries dinner and a movie!

Oh...and a BRAND NEW witch pinata for my annual Halloween Party!
Only $1---still sealed and everything---can't wait to fill her up with tricks and treats!


Monday, August 22, 2011

{Show Offs!}

A new (obviously vintage:) hot plate from Goodwill with a sweet prayer on it... Some vintage sandals...found these for $3 at Goodwill and then found a link for some on ebay for $20 but I think i'll keep mine;0)

New highlights courtesy of moi....hopefully I'm getting better with practice!
...AND....I'm in love! Yep...with this new candle at Bath & Body Works:)I'm still burning all my summer candles but come fall I'm treating myself to one of these! It smells JUST LIKE the real deal:)
This past Saturday, we all went to the Mall to support Molly and her new business, Sweet Petite Cupcakes. She entered the Layers for Life contest and won 1st PLACE for her super cute pirate cupcake presentation! Yay Mo!

Sistah-friend support!
Woot! Woot! These things are HEAVENLY to look at AND eat:)
Great Job Mo!!! "Making Cancer Walk the Plank!" Argh!
"I'm proud of my Mommy!"
"...and I LUV this lemonade!"

I love me some Makayla time!

But I DO NOT LIKE all this LAUNDRY that needs to be hung...

maybe it can wait until tomorrow.....(*sigh*)



Thursday, August 18, 2011

{Thursday's THIS ~n~ THAT!}


Starting with a cup a joe...
...my newest and possibly all-tim-easiest quick craft project....

....a yummy bowl of veggie soup...

...flowers from Travis Dearest:)....hehe!

...and the joy of a new cup with my initial on it! It really just doesn't take much to put a smile on this face:)

P.S. This may be a good time to mention that I hope you're smiling, too!

So....per my normal Thursday routine...I visited Goodwill during my lunchbreak.
This bin is a good place to find frames for a project like the one I showed you above---just clean 'em up a little and your ready to go:)

A pink Elephant! My E-town friends will get this...a Ward's pharmacy classic!

And TA-DA...a new baton! I got it for Makayla but we better hold on to it for a year or two or else risk broken noses and bloody noggins! She would go to town with that thing if you let her loose with it now:)

Happy Thursday Friends!!!!



Tuesday, August 2, 2011

{Light as a Feather!}

Bye Bye July! You went by so quickly! I'd like to do vacation week once more....please?:)
As you can see, I like to decorate my calendar with stickers to make it more fun and festive on the days I have to work. July featured mermaids and other sea creatures:)

I found these Land Before Time stickers at Goodwill the other day...

....so August is Dinosaur month:) Who remembers this AWESOME movie and the puppets from Pizza Hut???

A special thanks to my Sistah-Friend MO of Sweet Petite Cupcakes who hooked me up with a few hair feathers!

...and Green:)

I feel so cool now...hehe!