"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Monday, April 30, 2012

Time well spent!

This week was spent, VERY HAPPILY, hangin' out in E-town with the fam:)
Morgan looking gorgeous before her dance!

We had a very successful yard sale and raised enough gas money for our upcoming girls weekend to Myrtle Beach, PLUS, enough for a yummy meal out one night:) Go us! Driving back to Anderson, I just enjoyed a beautiful sunny evening...

...which turned quickly into a beautiful late spring sunset!

QUICK CAUTION---another thing I learned this weekend is that weighted hula hoops can be painful:/

Anyway:)----I must confess I probably brought home too much from the yard sale but there were too many cute clothes to leave without:) So I filled my new clothes rack:)

Half of my Mom's bear collection is now in my window sill---

...and they are very special to me!

Lastly for this hodgepodge of a blog post:)---it's time to chow down on some PIZZA!
Tomorrow is May 1st--so today's a perfect day to cheat!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I spy a DIY!

Kudos to Me! I have almost made it through the whole month of April, as planned in a prior post, without eating all my Robin Eggs:) Four more to last a few more days---hehe!
I also got a small token of appreciation at my job today which made me happy:) It doesn't happen every day---so it means a lot when it does:)
We went out for lunch with our friend Megan and her little boy, Sam aka: Mr. Precious!, and this was my best attempt at a group shot.
Hold on---there...that's better! :)
My fortune cookie could not have been more wrong for me!!!

Especially after all the cool stuff I found but didn't buy:( at Target---but there's always tomorrow--lol!
Awesome shorts....
...a spring scarf (oh wait---I DID buy that:)!
 And I also played around with a new photo editing tool!
I LOVED this BRIGHT pink cross-body bag....
...and REALLY LOVED this backpack!
All the patterns are so unique and earthy/modern! LOVE IT!
I really need this towel to match my new navy and white polka-dot bikini!

And look at what else I got:)-----
This "some-type-of-home-decor" item that just happened to be on clearance...
...and made the most perfect new DIY earring holder!

Now if I could just get everything else even slightly organized I'd be doing great!
Lots of work to do---I better go get to it!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{Health kickin it!}

Time to get my check-up!
We met up with some friends for the Chick-fil-A health fair---complete with free screenings (and fries---which seems like such an oxymoron:) and some nice giveaways! I actually am glad I went because my BMI is too high and now I know I gotta do something about it. It's really not HIGH per say, but I'm two levels above the "BEST" rating for my height. Ugh! And since I want to be as healthy as possible (let me clear about that---I don't want to be as thin as possible) I have got some work to do! 15 lbs. of work to be exact!

We also hung out with the Cow for awhile...
..and let the little one shoot some hoops:)
Take THAT!
Bam! I'm a baller! 

And this, my friend, is the lovely ring we found going through some stuff that was left in Dave and Rachaelle's new house.That cute little boy is their's too! How lucky can one get?:) Hehe!


Monday, April 23, 2012

"I DO" love weekends and such!

It was a FESTIVE weekend full of fun activities.
One of which was a WEDDING:) And a perfect opportunity to wear my new Zac Posen (tags still attached!) dress that I found on the Goodwill dollar rack:)
It was a lovely wedding---I didn't get to take pics of the ceremony but broke out the camera for the reception.
Bright colorful traditional Mexican decor picked up the Groom's Hispanic heritage and made for a BEAUTIFUL venue!
The lovely Bride+Groom
This handsome Groom happens to belong to me:)
The cake was gorgeous..I love the colorful satin!
Drinks+yummy finger foods before the main course. DELISH!

After the Wedding it was time for some Auntie/Fruzin fun!
We snuggled and ate strawberries:)

Today was back to work as usual then grocery shopping when I got off.
Since I was at Wal-mart I also threw some new $5 shades into the cart:)
I filled up our fruit/snack bowl with plenty of healthy treats...
....but oranges and grapefruits are one thing we definitely don't need since one of Trav's clients hooked us up with a ton he got for us in Florida:) In fact, friends at work will be getting some tomorrow.
I got everything we needed for our 2 week menu plan and I'm glad I won't be going back for at least 14 days! Grocery shopping is hard work!
 And if you go hungry THIS is what happens....
SO Wrong--yet SO right:) Three at a time probably won't hurt!
Nothing my new weighted hula hoop can't wiggle away....
...AFTER a good dinner and movie:)


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

{Food -Feet- Family!}

This week has been all about the EATS!Fresh salads....
...nutrient-packed smoothies (I know----this pic could be interpreted to be many things!)......whole wheat tortillas with all natural hummus....
....and sweet fruit families:)

And....here come the feet!
Mom's awesome new pedicure---she did it herself!
And Makayla's cute lil' toes that she wanted photographed after Happy had her picture taken:)

Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet Pop!!!
My Papa (that's what I called him growing up but it's eventually evolved to "pop") is one the World's most special people. He's kind-hearted, Godly, hard-working, and all-in-all WONDERFUL!

This week= so far, SO GOOD!

Here's to a HAPPY THURSDAY friends!