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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I spy a DIY!

Kudos to Me! I have almost made it through the whole month of April, as planned in a prior post, without eating all my Robin Eggs:) Four more to last a few more days---hehe!
I also got a small token of appreciation at my job today which made me happy:) It doesn't happen every day---so it means a lot when it does:)
We went out for lunch with our friend Megan and her little boy, Sam aka: Mr. Precious!, and this was my best attempt at a group shot.
Hold on---there...that's better! :)
My fortune cookie could not have been more wrong for me!!!

Especially after all the cool stuff I found but didn't buy:( at Target---but there's always tomorrow--lol!
Awesome shorts....
...a spring scarf (oh wait---I DID buy that:)!
 And I also played around with a new photo editing tool!
I LOVED this BRIGHT pink cross-body bag....
...and REALLY LOVED this backpack!
All the patterns are so unique and earthy/modern! LOVE IT!
I really need this towel to match my new navy and white polka-dot bikini!

And look at what else I got:)-----
This "some-type-of-home-decor" item that just happened to be on clearance...
...and made the most perfect new DIY earring holder!

Now if I could just get everything else even slightly organized I'd be doing great!
Lots of work to do---I better go get to it!



Amanda Matthews said...

Love the earring holder! I've also seen a wire waste basket turned upside down and affixed to a lazy susan! And wha-la! A turning jewelery holder!

Anna said...

I need to do something like this with my jewelry. What a great idea! :)