"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Monday, April 23, 2012

"I DO" love weekends and such!

It was a FESTIVE weekend full of fun activities.
One of which was a WEDDING:) And a perfect opportunity to wear my new Zac Posen (tags still attached!) dress that I found on the Goodwill dollar rack:)
It was a lovely wedding---I didn't get to take pics of the ceremony but broke out the camera for the reception.
Bright colorful traditional Mexican decor picked up the Groom's Hispanic heritage and made for a BEAUTIFUL venue!
The lovely Bride+Groom
This handsome Groom happens to belong to me:)
The cake was gorgeous..I love the colorful satin!
Drinks+yummy finger foods before the main course. DELISH!

After the Wedding it was time for some Auntie/Fruzin fun!
We snuggled and ate strawberries:)

Today was back to work as usual then grocery shopping when I got off.
Since I was at Wal-mart I also threw some new $5 shades into the cart:)
I filled up our fruit/snack bowl with plenty of healthy treats...
....but oranges and grapefruits are one thing we definitely don't need since one of Trav's clients hooked us up with a ton he got for us in Florida:) In fact, friends at work will be getting some tomorrow.
I got everything we needed for our 2 week menu plan and I'm glad I won't be going back for at least 14 days! Grocery shopping is hard work!
 And if you go hungry THIS is what happens....
SO Wrong--yet SO right:) Three at a time probably won't hurt!
Nothing my new weighted hula hoop can't wiggle away....
...AFTER a good dinner and movie:)


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Anna said...

That dress is so pretty. What a steal!