"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Saturday, July 10, 2010

{A Clean House is a HAPPY House!}

I know this to be true...
So why don't I do it more often???

Well, this morning I did! And boy did it really get my Saturday started off right!
I actually woke up with some energy this morning...YAY!...and decided to take advantage of it. Trav had to work so I decided to pack his lunch and make him some breakfast, being the good little wife I am and all...hehe! After I finished preparing my FAB husband for work, I broke out the broom and lysol wipes and left no spot unturned. (Well ok, maybe a FEW)...

When I finished the last room I felt so cleaned up....literally from the inside out. Don't know what it is but when my house is clean, my head feels clean too. Does anybody else know what I mean? Like maybe a dirty house lets dust creep in and get you into a slump. I think it does that to me and I'm gonna try not to let it happen anymore. A clean house, A clean mind. Yep, that's for me.

So, after my morning cleaning spree, Molly and Makayla came by and we spent the afternoon together. FUN! Makayla is growing so much... she has doubled in weight, and her newest facsination is her feet! She likes to grab them and play with them and then give us one of her big, awesome smiles! She's my lil' sunshine!

To make our day even better, we got a great deal at B&B Works...

*6 hand soaps and 2 mentha-shine lipglosses for $20. The soaps are normally $5 each and the lipgloss is usually $7.50 so we saved around $25. It helped that we were able to convince the cashier to let us use two coupons per transaction. You gotta know how to work the system...haha!*

We also found a couple of cute outfits for Makayla and indulged in a little chinese food. But that's now worn off and I have some cabbage, squash, and okra cooking my kitchen. I'm gonna serve it up with some sliced tomatoes and rice. CAN'T WAIT. Mr. "O", a client of Trav's, brought us all those fresh veggies. Wasn't that nice??? I thought so too!

Well, hope you have a wonderful day of Worship tomorrow! I'm about to "veg" out with my veggie plate, in front of the tv, basking in the glory of my clean house...


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