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Friday, September 9, 2011

{It's a DEAL!}

My, My, MY.....Thursday was the DAY for BARGAINS! Two new bras, $1 each, BRAND new and both still had all the original tags on them:) Yes, I'm a girl and I wear a bra...nothing to be embarrased about here...LOL!
I found this pretty Michael Kors sheer tank for $1, too:)
But this was my FAVORITE find of the day---
A puffy vest for winter from Victoria Secret's PINK Collection:) It's $25 Buy it Now on EBAY so I got a very good deal!
...also just ONE DOLLAR! :)
I ran in Burke's Outlet for the first time in awhile and found a PERFECT pair of shoes for my Granny! They were the only pair and were a size six for her little feet:)
Best of all, they were marked with a pink dot, making them 95% off!
Just $1.06! I hope my Granny likes them!
And THANKS BUNCHES to my sister-friend Mo for getting me this CUTE Halloween bag from Cracker Barrel! She's a sweet one that Mo!
This morning I got my free Chick-fil-a breakfast and headed in for a busy day of work...
...very HAPPY that it's FRIDAY!
But before I went to my desk I had to make a special delivery:).....
A new "Mimmie" hat for Makayla! She LOVES "Mimmie" and I can't wait to see her wear it!

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jinxi~ aka angi said...

What a DEAL on your bras and most of all your Grannys shoes!!! Rock on!