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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

{Oh how I've loved you, Wednesday!}

I brought a few new things to the office today---to add a touch of fall and (hopefully) a little cheer:)

I also brought along a friend for this guy...isn't she purdty? Found her today while browsing around during lunch:)
WARNING---if you are weak in the stomach scroll past the next pic!
Ick! But nevertheless...I just LOVE peroxide! I actually like getting a little cut or something every once in awhile so I can see it bubble up:) BTW---that's just a little cut on my foot so don't freak out too much!

Now...on to more pleasant topics:) Here are a few of my finds from today's thrift:) Which, BTW, only happened because I found $20 in the back pocket of a new pair of pants I wore today...such a blessing! I guess it was in there all along....I bought them at Goodwill a few weeks ago and even washed them, too. It was a very nice surprise!

First off, a pet pal personal pet warmer...don't worry...made me laugh, too!:) You put it in the microwave and then put it in your pet's bed. I got it for the outside strays because I always try to set something up for them when it gets cold and it was only $1.
Next....believe it or not...HALLOWEEN TOILET PAPER! They had two rolls-one for each one my bathrooms:) I had no idea holiday themed tp even existed!
Another neat find----vintage panty hose:) Still in the original package and in great shape and only 50 cent. Never know when a fall dress might require a pair of navy hose:)

An old Totes umbrella that (and I hope this doesn't offend anyone) probably belonged to a little old lady because it's in perfect shape:) Older people tend to take better care of things---at least I think so:) Yep...it was raining in my kitchen! Can you believe that?!

And now for perhaps one of my all-time favorite finds...
A set of vintage entertaining bowls:) LOVE 'EM!

So...after all these deals and a wonderful day full of blessings....I am feeling full of energy and ready to watch Storage Wars and get some clothes hung---and best of all, eat the pizza Trav just picked up:)
Hi Yah!


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jinxi~ aka angi said...

You are looking quite ninja!!! ;).. I sooo want to catch up on your blog! I love your posts of your awesome finds.. and I have to say, those were some awesome finds!!! The last set of entertainment bowls remind me of the set that my Moms husband just got for me.. I will so have to post a couple photos!

Off to read more.. nice to catch up and see you still visit me.. thank you!!!