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Sunday, September 25, 2011

{Thrift Deals and Birthday Thrills!}

Here are a few of my newest (and best:) deals from this past week!
A. Byer twill plaid jacket-$1 at GW
Olive-colored Tommy cords- $1 at GW

OOoh and this favorite:)....
Worthington fitted gray blazer-$1 at GW

This was also a pretty neat find! Arden B red tunic with the original tag still on it....
Cute open back:)
Retailed at one time for $64! Paid $1 at GW!
I think this might just be the BEST thing from this week! I got it today on the 50 cent rack at Goodwill!
Cute, retro kakhi-colored trench! I was SO PSYCHED to find this! Please excuse the no makeup/balled-up hair look:) Just look at the awesome coat...lol!

Today we had a birthday celebration for my precious Granny! Isn't she beautiful? She's just as beautiful on the inside, too!
Happy Birthday Granny! I love you so much! I hope to be as much like you as I possibly can!

We shopped around and goofed around most of the afternoon.... and....If you've never done this...you must! Put your face up to the edge of a mirror in a department store and let someone stand on the other end and this is what they'll see! IT.IS.SO.FUN!!!
That's me:) LOL!
We also ate a yummy lunch at Olive Garden and Gran treated us to some cookies from Great American Cookie Company...I got a snickerdoodle and chewy pecan supreme...SUPER GOOD!:)
Later we had a blast at Party City (I really thought they might kick us out at any minute:)!
Molly was on patrol....
...Nikki was a total REDNECK!....
and isn't my Mom aging well?! Haha! She's a hoot:)Hope everyone has a great week!!!


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jinxi~ aka angi said...

I love how you are so close with your family!

Great buys.. I love the blazers and you look right smart in your inspector gadget trench!