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Thursday, September 8, 2011

{New and Gray...Fall is ON THE WAY!}

I had to break out a scarf and enjoy this nice fall weather! I found this one with butterflies last weekend in Athens for $1 and I was excited to have a good opportunity to wear it:)
The skies were so GRAY when I got to work yesterday...but SO BEAUTIFUL at the same time!
I'm excited it's now September and it's getting closer and closer to boot, hat, scarf, and glove weather! I LOVE the changing seasons and as each one approaches it always feels like my FAV!
This month's calendar features cute lil' animals:) and I just made this for my bulletin board....
...to count down the days I have to work until Christmas! :) Including work holidays and other vacation days I'm down to 70! WOW!

And here's a little something new! I'm going to start featuring some "Do it on a DIME" segments including: "Do it on a DIME: Dine!", "Do it on a DIME: Decorate!", and "Do it on a DIME: Dress!"

Here's the first feature:)

"Do it on a DIME!: Dress:)"

Today's outfit cost a total of $6.33!

Shirt: Goodwill $1

Pants: Goodwill $1

Shoes: yard sale $3

Ring: Jockey Lot $1

Headband: came in a set of 3 from Dollar Tree so it was 33 cent:)

I'm not trying to impress anyone with any fabulous style advice here (heck....I spend less than 15 minutes total getting ready for work in the morning) but I just like to show you that you don't have to spend big bucks to have something new and cute to wear:)

Happy Thursday Friends!



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