"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Homemade Pizza!

Last night I was craving pizza and didn't wanna get one delivered because it's so NOT WORTH all those calories so...

I decided to make my own!

I went to Ingles and got-

Whole Wheat Pizza Crust- 600 calories for the entire crust
Pineapple- used about 100 calories worth
Mushrooms-20 calories
Turkey Pepperoni- about 75 calories worth
Pizza Sauce-90 calories worth
2% cheese- 200 calories worth

So the grand total for my homemade HEALTHY pizza was 1, 085! That's pretty good for a whole pizza! So my two slices had 271 calories! I never felt so good about giving into a craving!

It turned out VERY tasty but I would recommend NEVER using or eating TURKEY PEPPERONI! It is GROSS...tastes like cardboard to me and has a weird chemically taste. I picked mine off! Surprisingly Trav liked it...I felt so good about making a meal he loved! I still don't cook too much so it's a pretty big deal for me!

After our gourmet homemade pizza we just watched some TV because Travis had a terrible headache and went to bed pretty early.

It's Saturday afternoon now and I haven't been up long! LOL! Slept in and loved it! Travis is playing in a golf tournament today and I am just going to relax and maybe do some cleaning and possibly going shopping later with Mo to find her some new clothes for her growing baby bump!

Well..Hope everyone has a great SATURDAY!


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Molly McKnight said...

I made homemade pizza last night too! You made me have a craving of my own! I'm ashamed to say mine wasn't quite so healthy (real pepperoni for me)! But about the turkey pepperoni... gross! You are so right!!!

Oh yeah...you need to add a ticker for the baby!!! :)