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Monday, August 17, 2009

The battle is on!!!

Travis's brother, Patrick, brought home their old Play Station the other night and guess who's got it??? That's right...me and Trav battled it out last night on "Rocky", Madden 08 (I totally need practice on that one!), and Major League Baseball (my sweet hubby kept throwing me meatballs which I loved because that meant I could get a hit)!

We are gonna keep looking for cheap, fun games on Craigs List and stuff so If anyone sees any good deals on play station 2 games, let me know!

My thumb is a little sore this morning...lol...that Rocky game really took alot out of me! And if there are any girls out there who actually understand Madden and can actually play it...KUDOS to you because you are TALENTED! HAHA!

So on to other matters...

I'm in quite a connundrum lately...

One day I want to cut my hair into a really cute little do and then the next day I'm thinking....NOOOOO....DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR. I've been trying to let it grow for so long....

So I'm trying to be patient with it! I think I just had a "bad hair weekend" which left me feeling this way. I'm pretty sure it's the discount "salon quality" shampoo I found a Ross which I'll NEVER DO AGAIN. For some reason it seemed to leave my hair feeling weighed down and completely nasty. So I'm gonna go ahead and splurge on the Bed Head Dumb Blonde that J-Lowe recommended and stick with my Rusk W8less hairspray instead of the Herbal Essence I bought trying to save money. (NO GOOD, especially after being spoiled by RUSK!). I've decided when it comes to hair products...it really is worth the money to buy the good stuff because it REALLY WORKS SO MUCH BETTER! So, I'm gonna get my good products again and chances are I'll be feeling better about the hair in no time and I won't be wanting to hack it all off!

I'm off work today because I had to go to some trainings this weekend for work. Me and my co-worker Sabrina went to Greenville for a conference hosted by the Commision on Minority Affairs. It focused on the Hispanic Community in our state and it was very interesting. We got lots of little free goodies from all the booths that were set up which is always fun and got to see some traditional Hispanic Folk dancers too! Fun for a training especially. Not too sure what I'll do today but it absolutely MUST include cleaning my little room and organizing all my clothes, purses, and makeup and hair stuff because it has gotten OUT OF CONTROL! But first I think I'll make some fat free cheese toast (yummy!) and watch some tv and maybe even take a little nap before I start that undertaking!

Two more things before I go...

1. Please pray for my little brother Brian....he's sick today with a stomach flu! Poor thing~
2. Congrats to Patrick for qualifying for the US Amatuer! Yea! Yea! Yea! Please pray that he will play to the very best of his ability and WIN!!! Love you PRADA!

Hope everyone has a great MONDAY!

Yea for FLEX DAYS!!!

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