"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

{Une jolie fête du travail!}

In English---A lovely labor day! I spent it enjoying time with my BFF {aka: Travis!}, Goodwill shoppin', and relaxing. A perfectly wonderful day! How did you spend your day off work???

Trav surprised me by suggesting breakfast at Mama Penns and I thought that was a wonderful idea! I was craving pancakes and they hit the spot!

While we were there, we ran into Vanessa and Tim *SMILE* and then we went to visit Bette and NunNun for a lil' while. Trav decided to play some golf and I decided to take a nap---imagine that....HEHE!

Later in the afternoon we went shopping. We stopped at Goodwill and took advantage of the 50% off labor day sale. I found lots of GOODIES!

A cute purse for $1.75, big with lots of pockets---just how I like it!
And it was from Banana Republic and looked like it had been very rarely used. Jackpot!
Last time I made homemade biscuits I didn't have a rolling pin...but now I do. It was only 50 cent!
More cute books for my collection-$3
A vintage puzzle for 25 cent! It was made in 1976 and had every piece but one that was missing from the outside edge. I had so much fun putting it together....I haven't done a puzzle in so long!

And probably the best find of the day---
A cute giraffe print umbrella stroller for $2! It works great and I needed one for when Makayla visits her Aunt Laura! It was pretty clean already but after thorough bath with Lysol wipes it was as good as new!

After Goodwill we went to Belk and Trav got some great deals on some new work clothes. We wrapped up our day with two new episodes of Hoarders and big bowls of oatmeal. Yum!

Espérez que vous aviez une jolie fête du travail, aussi!



jinxi~ aka angi said...

Good goodwill shoppin'! That stroller is cute!

What do you think about Hoarders? I watched a DVD'd episode last night.. and was just horrified..to think that people lose their animals in their filth.. wow!

ps: I love that Travis is your BFF!!!

pss: Are you collecting the Golden childrens books? or just old books? Id like to hear more about your collection!

T Rada said...

You are the deal finder!

To all blog readers: She actually demolished me in checkers the second game we played; she is short changing herself.

Love you babes.