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Monday, September 20, 2010

{W.A.R. against the Wallpaper!}

Why? Why? Why? would ANYONE EVER USE WALLPAPER!?! Why People???

Trav and I spent the last 12 hours of our lives getting down layer, after layer, after LAYER, so kindly left from the last homeowners, and those before them, and those before them, and possibly even those before them. UUUGGGHHH!

Hallelujah! Almost finished!

{When you start seeing stuff that looks like this is gets a little scary!}
{That's the color we chose for the bathroom!}

{Who would have EVER imagined that taking down an ugly wallpaper would reveal an even WORSE paint job!?}
{I had considered this gray for the wallway but it's too dark. I'm gonna have to go back to the drawing board on this one!}
{A paint job in progress...}

{Trav the "Tool Man" Rada!}

(Bear with me as I can hardly type due to a stiff, sore, throbbing right arm....I think I need a sling!)

But after all that work---and many trips to Lowes for more Pirannah wallpaper removal gel---I've never been happier! (or more exhausted!) Travis was such an awesome helper and we had lots of fun despite the horrible task! Tonight we will be finishing up some caulking and priming and then I hope to get the paint on by tomorrow! YAY!

I also have about 3/4 of the paint job in our guest bedroom done! I decided on a deep gray and found a beautiful bedsprea and curtains to match at Target. Score!

I think I've decided on redoing the living and dining room with a grayish lavender color that will go well with my navy blue furniture. Hmmm...we will see------
Gotta go for now...my hand is 'bout to fall off---hehe!

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jinxi~ aka angi said...

Wow, what a project!!! At least you had help, that always makes the project go a lot easier and makes the bumps a lil smoother. Cant wait to see the finished projects!

Take care of that arm! :)