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Sunday, September 5, 2010

{A lil' bit SQUIRRELY!}

Meet "Suzy the Squirrel!"
Yep, that's a real lil' squirrel! I named her "Suzy" in honor of one of my FAVORITE books when I was little! Boy did Suzy go through a lot yesterday! My cats found her and were "playing" with her (I really don't think she wanted to play!), then she rode in the tire all the way to pick up a pizza with Trav, then this morning she was STILL outside in our carport trying to escape from the cats. We were FINALLY able to rescue her and she was so sweet and gentle! We took her to our vet and they were able to get her into the hands of a wildlife rescue lady...YAY!

What a FUN Sunday morning adventure---with Miss Suzy!

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jinxi~ aka angi said...

Wow..!!! All I can say is wow! I would have never thought to pick up a squirrel. I cant wait to share this story with Hunter!

Glad the vet got her to safety.. a few more rides for pizza.. and who knows huh? ;)