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Thursday, September 9, 2010

{Holiday Head Start!}

I decided that decorating for the Holidays would be so much easier if I prepared ahead of time. I cleaned out my storage closet {yuck!...that gets spider webs and lots of creepy crawlies in it!} and sorted through what was good, old, trash, needed to be cleaned, ect. After throwing away anything that was discolored or ruined, I reorganized all the stuff according to each Holiday. I also decided that even if I had to stuff every inside closet I had to THE BRIM...I was not going to store my Holiday treasures with the spiders anymore! No ma'am!

I bought two new orange storage bins for halloween/fall items and stored them neatly in Trav's closet. Then, I carefully stored all my Christmas ornaments in a new storage bin and made them easily assessible since I like to add to those often throughout the year. Then, I stored most of my breakable/dishware type Christmas stuff in the sideboad {in which I discovered I had lots of space I wasn't using...yay!}. I decided to leave all the outside wreathes and yard decorations in the storage closet since they are exposed to the elements (aka: spiders and other gross bugs) when they are displayed anyway. But I did cover the box with a protective sheet---just to be on the safe side. The rest of the Christmas stuff is still in the attic and will stay there until Trav can tackle that task because when I pulled the attic string a HUGE dead spider almost fell on my head! YIKES! At least is was dead though...Terminix is doing it's job!

So now I feel much better about the daunting task of getting all of my seasonal decorations out---hopefully making the process more enjoyable and less stressful!

Do you have a system for storing all of your seasonal/holiday decorations? If so, please give me some tips!


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jinxi~ aka angi said...

This is exactly what I wanted to do during the Labor Day weekend. I bet you do feel relieved and fresher!

Most of my stuff is in labeled rubbermaids outside in our shed. But I cant get to them.. so I was going to have Todd, but he almost cut the tip of his thumb off last Thursday and hasnt wanted to touch anything since.. I guess it really hurts!!!

Anyway.. I plan to do just this very soon, with the weather getting nice, I can spend the day outside re-organizing all the holiday stuff!

ps: We laughed at the spider comment. My sister in law {Todds sister} works at Terminix! ;)