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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

{Our treasure hunt...}

...started early saturday morning! We all loaded up in Gran's van and hit the road...early! I finally got to bust out my hot pink fanny pack---boo yah!
And the whole crew was happy to help carry Makayla...she gets heavy in that seat!
We hit up a long list of yard sales and I found some real "nuggets!"
Checkers game: 50 cent {I played Trav twice and he beat me twice---ughhh! Well--- the second time was ALMOST a tie!}
YAY! YAY! YAY! Cool lime green tupperware set: $2 for all 3
Two big glass serving bowls: $1 each
Decorative fruits and veggies for a big cornucopia I have for a fall centerpiece: $1 for both bags
By the time we had finished up with the yard sales, our tummies were growling!
We all agreed on Panera Bread and enjoyed a healthy lunch!
I got the You-Pick-Two combo with french onion soup and a smoked turkey sandwich on whole wheat...ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!

Then we went to Big Lots for a lil' while....
I spent most of my time there lovin' on my Makayla and chillin' in the recliners...those yard sales tuckered me out!
Smilin' faces....
...and sleepy faces! AWW!
I did find a 25 count box of special k bars for $5 so I was able to refill my breakfast bar jar (try saying that fast three times in a row!) Lol!
We also went to Hobby Lobby where I found these scent cubes for half price. I chose the hot apple cider and the fragrance filled up the entire house!
And my sweet Mama bought me these new shoes at Ross---only $6!
Then we spent about 4 hours in Hobby Lobby---NO JOKE---getting things for Nikki's wedding and reception. But no pics...don't wanna give anything way before the big day!
And then we finally arrived home...
a good 12 HOURS LATER!

And even Glory seemed to sense our exhaustion---
But it was SO worth it because we found TONS of Treasures and had TONS of Fun!

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jinxi~ aka angi said...

You are all such troopers! And I love that green tupperware! You all are my kinda shoppers! I also love how close you are to your family. Priceless!

I hope you got some rest yesterday! ;)