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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

{Stick a fork in it!}

{and Hello!}
It's DONE!
Trav finished up the final touches for the back bedroom last night and it's almost ready to be re-assembled!
One room down....six to go! LOL!

We are making headway on the bathroom, too. All the bad spots have been fixed with painters putty and we might be able to prime tonight and paint the next night. I've decided to slow down and take this process easy because it's E.X.H.A.U.S.T.I.N.G!

If you come to my house and it's---
a. a total wreck
b. extremely disorganized
c. covered in painitng supplies
Sorry! I'm telling you ahead of time...because before a diamond shines it's covered in coal!

P.S. I'd like to send a special shout-out to my wonderful Trav for helping me so much!!!


1 comment:

jinxi~ aka angi said...

YAY!!! I LOVE that color, and if thats the comforter you have to go with it??? You did GOOD! Im glad its coming along. :)