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Saturday, September 25, 2010

{An open letter...}

Dear Blog,

I miss you! I'm sorry that you've been so neglected while we work on our house/celebrate birthdays/recover from tummy aches/cheer on Big Al. {deets later!} As soon as I can, I promise I'll give you more time and attention.

P.S. You'd be proud to know that even though it's been CRAZY, I have still managed to squeeze in a lil' crafting.I made this fall wreath for my Granny---yesterday was her Birthday! LOVE YOU GRANNY!

This is T.O.O. E.A.S.Y! First, I bought the basic twine wreath at Goodwill for $3. Then, I wrapped it with some shiny leaf garland I found at Dollar Tree and tied a big bow on top with pretty orange ribbon (also from DT). Next, I got the wooden leaves and leaf print fabric at Hobby Lobby. I just glued the leaves on with a hot glue gun then made a big "flower" out of the fabic and hot glued it down, too. Easy, Affordable, and pretty! Yay!


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jinxi~ aka angi said...

That wreath is SO cute! I bet she loved it!

Hope you guys are hanging in there.. redoing the house is exhausting alright. Hang in there it will be very rewarding when finished!