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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas time's a comin'....

EEEKKK (as I shriek with excitement!)....4 DAYS 'TIL CHRISTMAS!!!


I'm sitting here at the computer with my hairdryer going strong (I use it for heat when I'm getting ready in the morning and when I'm typing on my blog...would probably be so much easier to just get a space heater but it just wouldn't be the same. I started using my hairdryer when I was little and got in trouble MANY a time for burning up every hairdryer in the house!)and thinking about how much I love my friends!

I've been so blessed to have found several SWEET, FUNNY, CHRIST-LIKE friends....not just those kind of friends who come and go or just like you at the moment because it's convenient for them...but those kind of friends that love you and feel close to you no matter WHERE they are...(clearing my throat for emphasis...like Savannah...SMILE!) or those kind of friends who steal your Christmas ornament only because they know you REALLY want the gingerbread man one (even though you end up with the red boot...which you also, luckily, happen to like!)and I can't thank my friends enough for loving me as I am and accepting me for who I am! My life wouldn't be the same without you gals!

So now that I've given my "Ode to GREAT FRIENDS" let me tell you that we just ran out of toilet paper(seriously) and so that's probably going to be a problem...lol...maybe we can hold out until tomorrow...TMI...yes...but funny too???...maybe!?....

I learned something new today in Sunday School that I probably should've understood a long time ago but just never really thought about it in depth. We were talking about how people in the Old Testament got saved and instantly the "Law" came to mind and I thought it was by making sacrifices and all that jazz. But my preacher explained that people in the Old Testament were saved the exact same way as we are now (through faith in Jesus Christ by his death and resurection (can't figure out how to spell that...hmmm) EXCEPT it was just "salvation on credit" meaning that they were looking TOWARDS the cross and we look BACK at the cross but we are ALL looking to Jesus. I really liked that analogy. I'm also really looking forward to getting more active and as Preacher Tony says, "intentional" about reaching out to the lost and serving others! I really have got to start doing a better job...

All in all...what a BUSY but AWESOME weekend! Friday night we ate out and then went to a prayer gathering for Jake and listened to Trav's brother Patrick give his testimony. God did an awesome job (as if he'd do anything less!) of using Patrick to speak to all of us. Saturday I got to have breakfast with Bubba at the Barrel and then finished up my Christmas shopping (yes, yes, there were SEVERAL things I had forgotten about that had to be done at the last minute...be who DOESN'T that happen to!)and then the highlight of my weekend...my Sunday School Christmas Party! This morning we enjoyed a beautiful Christmas service at church and then had a cookout at the McCallister's...venison burgers anyone? Yum! And I highly suspect that Milo the cat is going to be severely constipated after eating a half a block of chedder cheese! So Sneaky!

To end our weekend we went to the Concord Baptist Church "Carols by Candlelight" with Tim, Vanessa, and Hunter and ate dinner at Wendys. High Rollers Baby...lol! I stocked up on the plastic cutlery and left a very happy lady! I'm so proud to be a part of a family that continuously encourages me by living lives of integrity and faithfulness. I learn so much by being a part of their lives.

Along those lines, here is another Christmas quote...

"Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas."
~Dale Evans Rogers

I pray that God will help me to be more intentional about loving and serving other and I pray that you will be BLESSED in the days to come as we celebrate the birth of our SAVIOR!

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Kathryn said...

Girl, you are a blessing to me and it's been awesome to spend time with you! You are definitely one of those friends where I can pick up where we left off..no matter how long it's been. Thanks for introducing me to Jessica, too! She's a blogging friend and I didn't even know it! I love you, Laura and am so happy for your friendship. I also really enjoyed being back at NP. Can't wait until one day when we'll be back in the area and can see one another on a regular basis.

Love you!!