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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shop til' you drop!

Yep...we were some of those crazy people out at 4 am!

Me, Molly (five months pregnant...what a TROOPER!), Nikki, Mom, and Fran shopped til' we dropped, until 3 pm to be exact! Boy was I pooped but I met my goal and got 95% of my Christmas shopping done...AND WRAPPED!...and about 50% of my Christmas decorations out and up. So...if I can get the rest of all my decorations up by midnight I will have met my goal of having almost everything DONE by Dec. 1st...which is today! lol! I must say I'm proud...Yea me! Ha! Ha!

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I have when all of us get together...we laughed so hard my abs hurt the next day...that's the stuff memories are made of! I'm so blessed to have the best Mom, Aunts, and Sisters in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD...and I mean that with all my heart! One of life's most greatest blessings...that's for sure!

And another thing that's for sure...It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!!! YEA!

I actually even got my Christmas cards written and addressed yesterday too...It feels good to be productive! For those who know me I am a constant procrastinator and I'm always late...(aka..the Lay-dah Rada's!)so I am basking in the Glory of my new found accomplishment...actually doing something ahead of time and I tell you...It's a GREAT FEELING!

Another highlight of my Thanksgiving break was getting to see my friend Kathryn, who I haven't seen in quiet awhile and she's so sweet!!! We ended up talking for about four hours and I think we could've talked 4 more! Please say a special pray for her and her husband Stan who is deployed to Iraq right now...every pray helps!

Sunday was also wonderful...Me, Trav, Vanessa, Tim, Patrick, and Ken all were at Church together and it felt great all sitting together as a big family! Trav got to spend lots of time with his Dad and brother and had a great time with them. We are looking forward to spending more time with everyone over the Holidays!

Well...Just a little update for now! Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day filled with many blessings!'

Yea for PLANNING AHEAD...who knew it worked so well!

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The Jordan's said...

I enjoyed seeing you, Laura! Hope we can meet again over Christmas!