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Monday, December 7, 2009

I remember why...


I was a die hard Walmart fan for many years and just recently for no real reason, just haven't been in several months. Mainly because Travis works at the Suntrust Branch in the Bilo at Clemson so whatever I need grocery wise he can pick up and we noticed that shopping with coupons at Publix and Bloom usually saves us money. Any other little things I need I usually get at Target, Big Lots, CVS, Walgreens, ect. because they're easy and convienent and I always get good service.

Well...while Travis was still not feeling well and was napping last night I felt like getting out and looking at some Christmas stuff and trying out a new recipe I found. So, since it was almost 10 pm, I went to Walmart. DUMB DECISION!

I was in line behind one lady with a FULL cart and another lady was behind me to check out. I was wondering why there were only two registers open and the two cashiers weren't playing their Holiday song and flashing their register lights like on the commercial to "make shopping easier"....

I waited patiently while the lady in front of me checked out, which took about 10 minutes, and the line was building up behind me. When it was finally my turn the cashier looked at me and said "I'm closed." I think my mouth fell to the ground. No "I'm so sorry mam" and no taking a mintue to tell me before I stood there and waited...and waited...NOTHING!

So I calmly (pretty much...lol!) moved to another line and learned my lesson...

Try to avoid WALMART!

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Bubba said...

OMG! I totally understand they have the worst service. If, I ever go there with Ray he will make Dale Earnhart Jr. jokes, which let me tell you is very annoying.
Love ya hope to see you soon.