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Saturday, February 8, 2014

{I'm 31!---and THANKFUL!}

I absolutely LOVE birthdays!

I appreciate each year (and week, day, minute, second...well, you get it)  that I get to live on this beautiful Earth with the beautiful people God created for me to spend my life with!

Today was amazing! I have not returned any texts or facebook messages but to each and every one of you...THANKS from the bottom of my heart. I love you!!!

It's been more of a birthWEEKEND than a birthDAY :)

Last night, Trav and Chloe took me out to eat. On the menu was a salmon salad with strawberries and mandarin oranges plus a free piece of cherry pie. YUM!

I got to go to bed early (Moms...isn't that a great gift!) and sleep in this morning (Moms...isn't that an ever BETTER gift?!) and then we had my birthday party lunch at Olive Garden with the fam.

When I got home later that afternoon, I took another cat nap, did some yoga, and went to CVS for formula. Lord help us should we ever run out of that! LOL!

I ended up getting a great deal! Haven't been couponing much lately but I took advantage of my similac coupons and my 25% off total, along with some extra bucks rewards.

I ended up getting everything pictured above for $85!

(I'm so excited about those new nail pens...I'm going to give myself a Valentine's manicure tomorrow: Plus I tried Ali's color whisper lipstick today and loved it so much, I got my own. The other cosmetic is color tattoo cream eyeshadow...thought I'd give it a try:)

That may not seem like such a bargain but the normal retail for all items was $170.85 so I saved $85.85 which is more than what I spent!

Also, the three large formulas normally retail for $71 plus tax (total) so you could think of it as getting everything BESIDES the 3 formulas for just $14! I was pretty darn proud of myself!


Tomorrow we're going out for breakfast and going to Lowes (gosh...I really AM 31 aren't I?!)...I can hardly contain the excitement! hehe :)

I feel so BLESSED...all because I have so many special people in my life!


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