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Friday, August 31, 2012

{Duck, Duck....RUN!!!}

Little Miss Makayla was ready to go to the "Castle" playground when I picked her up from daycare yesterday :) Upside down sunglasses---check!

The Civic Center in town has an awesome playground (built like a HUGE castle) and a pond with a boocoodle ducks. A perfect place to spend the evening chasing around a 2 1/2 year old!
As soon as they spotted us, we were surrounded.
As they came from near and far to get our bread, we had to seek shelter on the bench:)
Makayla said "hungry ducks!" That was an understatement. They must've been FAMISHED!
I pet this one with my feet:) Sweet lil' fellow!
"Bye Bye Duckies", says Makayla. "Time to play in my Castle!"
I told Makayla that she could be the leader and I would follow her. She stomped her foot and huffed "No, I NOT the leader, I'm the princess!"

Oops---my bad!  :)

Then Mommy showed up and Makayla told her about the hungry ducks---
---and I don't think Mommy realized quite how hungry they really were until she was surrounded by 20 of them, squawking, pecking, and flapping each other out the way for the last morsel!

RUN Mommy!!!

P.S. Hands down the best workout I've had in months---and the best part is that Makayla said "Wa Wa" could be the Queen :)


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Anna said...

Awww...she's precious!