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Monday, February 9, 2009

Reflections of Grace Photography


I'm so EXCITED I just wanted to share this with all of you guys! My mom and I started a photography "venture" recently and we did our first official sitting yesterday! We had a blast and I think the photographs turned out great (which isn't too hard when the kids are so darn cute)! We truly just enjoy it SO MUCH and have such a great time working on this together! The picture below my mom took of my little brother in his football "gear"! I just wanted to brag on her work a bit and let everyone know where you can go to see our portfolio. My mom is naturally very artistic and began taking pictures as a hobby several years ago. Since then she has progressively "moved on up" in the photography world and invested in a FABULOUS camera, specialized lenses, ect. Check it out at:

http://myreflectionofgrace.blogspot.com/ or click on the photo to be redirected to Reflections of Grace Photography!

"Center" of Attention
~Original Photograph by Kathy Mercer~

Oh yeah....I almost forgot...GO DAWGS! hehe....

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