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Monday, February 9, 2009

Update on Jenna!

Reading this update this morning at Caring Bridge made my heart sing! We have a God who is still in the "miracle business" and we give him all the praise for this great news! Please continue to pray that Jenna will be completely healed!


"Jenna went to Duke on Thursday and Friday, February 5 and 6. She got news that she would receive radiation for about 6 weeks and chemotherapy for 4 months. She will have to stay at Duke for the duration of the treatments, and is planning on getting an apartment to stay in temporarily while she receives the treatments. She is returning to Duke on Wednesday, February 11, 2009 for her stem cell boosting shots at the chemotherapy clinic. She is receiving these shots so that the doctors can harvest her stem cells before the radiation treatments, and re administer them during chemotherapy. She received her spinal tap during her previous visit, and one of the tests came back clear and not showing any cancerous proteins. We are still waiting on the results of more tests, and Jenna will be receiving more scans and tests when she returns to Duke on Wednesday. She will actually start her radiation treatments Tuesday, February 17. Jenna is improving daily and is recovering very well, and she will continue with her physical therapy with therapists at Duke. The doctors have said that her mobility and vision will improve as the swelling from the surgery continues to subside. Radiation therapy should not interfere with her recovery. Jenna is still very high in her spirits, and we all continue to appreciate all of your prayers. Please keep on praying that Jenna's recovery will be swift, and her reaction to the treatments will be mild. We will keep you updated on her progress!"

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