"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hello from Grand Turk Island!

Hi Everyone!

Travis and I are having a blast on our cruise! I'm typing this entry from Victoria Public Library in the Grand Turks, built in 1810! Wow! It's EXTREMELY basic...a fan in the corner for air and four little computers for tourists. This island has gorgeous blue beaches with white sand but behind the scenes we've found that there is alot of poverty. It's been a great day so far...we are thinking of trying some cracked conk a little later!

So far we have made lots of great memories on the boat...
1. Travis won a gold trophy for winning sports trivia!
2. I won $20 on a slot machine!
3. Travis won $10 playing black jack!
4. I got an INCREDIBLE massage at SPA carnival...ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!
5. Last night I had prime rib and Trav had Lobster...yummy!
6. We won a bottle of champagne forbeing the most energetic people at the art auction which we only went to because they were having a free raffle...which is REALLY kinda funny considering we don't drink! haha! Someone actually paid $39,000 for a painting! I most certainly would have bought a new car instead...but to each their own I suppose!
7. We each got "mini" hot stone neck massage for free at the SPA!
8. We've seen two really good shows...last night was "Nightclub Express"!
9. We have had so much fun together!
10.We found a conk shell already on the beach!

We will get back on our boat, "Destiny", around 2 pm today and have another exciting night awaiting us! My time is just about to run out and just wanna say "hello!" to everyone and I love yall and miss you!!! Bubba, if you read this, give Rex and Roxie and hug for me and thanks again for taking care of them! Also, Molly...tell Makaya "Hello" for me too and I hope you're still keeping her in there for me a little longer! lol!

Yea for VACATION!!!


Bubba said...

Want to let you know that Rex and Roxie and doing great. I went there yesterday and gave Rex a little treat of peanut butter, let me tell you he loved it. I always loved on him for a little bit. Miss you, glad your having a great time.

Molly McKnight said...

Hey Beach Bum!! I'm SUPER jealous that you are on a cruise and I'm stuck here at DSS! BLAH!! But I'm glad y'all are having a blast! Take lots of pics! Makayla is still hanging out in the oven so no worries there!:) Be careful and have a blast. Love you!

Ansley said...

I'm so jealous - I'm sure you are having way more fun than we are having at DSS!!!! I hope you have a great time on the rest of your vacation!!!