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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

{Tuesday Tidbits}

Here's to starting off Tuesday morning in a healthy way! Travis and his Dad went to watch a practice round at the Master's yesterday and I have SO enjoyed drinking lots of water this morning from the cup he brought home. Drinking water out a special cup somehow makes it a million times more appealing....agree??? And I need LOTS of water considering last night's corn catastrophe and these PESTY allergies! Hey...wanna see one of my FAVORITE Easter decorations at my house?
...my light up Easter Egg:)! I made sure Trav plugged it up for me before I got home from babysitting so I could enjoy it for a few minutes.
Hopefully it will help the Easter Bunny find my house very easily! My basket is ready to be filled!


Here's a quick snapshot of Molly's Birthday lunch yesterday...

...lots of food and lots of fun!

Lastly, I've been continuing my research on the benefits of using a hand and body scrub and I came across some interesting information yesterday.

According to a recent article written by Krystle Hernandez of Helium.com, body scrubs have the following benefits:

1. Moisturizing properties. Many body scrubs contain moisturizing chemicals to enhance soft or smooth skin by replacing the natural oils your body produces, which you lose by showering. In place of natural oils, body scrubs add concentrated moisturizers to your skin which can produce an overall appearance of rejuvenated and smooth skin.

2. Cleansing properties. Overall, body scrubs are designed to remove dead skin cells and other dirt and oil from the outermost layers of the skin. The tiny beads included in most body scrubs exfoliate your skin by unclogging pores and removing the dead cells to expose your skin's underlying healthier layers. Exfoliating gives your skin a luminous glow which can give you a more youthful appearance.

3. Cellulite combating properties. When scrubbing, use firm and circular motions in areas which are usually plagued with cellulite. Essentially, cellulite can only be combated through diet and extensive exercise to firm muscle tissue beneath the skin. However, the "ugly" appearance of indented marks can be minimized. Scrubbing firmly will improve circulation to these areas of elasticity-reduced tissue and increase your skin's firmness.

4. Aromatherapy benefits. Typically, commercialized body scrubs have added chemicals to include fragrances with specific psychological or physiological effects. Many naturally-occurring aromas can assist individuals in relaxation with properties that have been well-documented throughout history in alternative forms of medicinal treatment or therapy. If you choose to purchase a body scrub marketed around its therapeutic qualities, be sure to take your time in selecting the appropriate desired effect for your individual needs. For example, if you suffer from insomnia, taking a shower or bath and using an aromatherapy body scrub promoting calming effects may be a great way to induce relaxation and sleep.


After several weeks of using my scrub on a daily basis, I'm finding that I am needing to apply less and less lotion during the day, especially for my hands. That is saving me time and money:) Plus, my hands feel naturally renewed! :) I still love a good slather of my favorite Avon moisture therapy hand lotion at times though! I just don't have to use bottles of it for my hands to feel good:) Also, after using my scrub, my legs stay moisturized a lot longer when I use my regular body lotion to lock in the moisture. You should try some!

Well, Tuesday is off to a terrific start and it's time for me to tackle the day!

Have a great one...



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Gillion said...

My mum has good skin. So I just briefly took one of her SKII (http://www.geocities.jp/hongkong_skii/index_e.htm) to use, which I assume is a moisturizer. It's good man I tell you! She gave me a small bottle of eye cream before but the effects weren't that great and I stopped using. But my mum's moisturizer is good! I can feel it reacting once I applied it