"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{29 and feelin' FINE!}

wOO Hoo!!! It's my b-day BABY:)When I got to work, my office was decked out and I had a cute pink gift in my chair:) Hmmm...wonder what's in there?
Yay!!! Candy and a cute note pad:)All thanks to my sweet (and so pretty:) sistah-friend!!!
It seems like I ate all day long...lol...but this is what I started with...yummy!
Then later, for lunch, THESE sisters:)...
...and THESE sisters....
went out for my Birthday lunch:) THANKS FRIENDS!
I couldn't have asked for a better day thanks to so many sweet people!

Later, it was time to eat again----see...I told you:)....so we went to Logan's for my Birthday dinner:)
We had some fried pickles and then I had the old fashioned cheeseburger which was DEELISH!
Makayla decided she WOULD have her roll and her butter, too!
Do it Makayla:)
Yes indeed! 29 and feelin' fine! Thank you Lord for seeing me through another year!!!



Jeff, Sarah Ellen, and Beck said...

looks like you had a super fun day!

Leslie said...

where is your BFF bracelet lady!!! I think you should have blogged about that...lol!!! Love you!!!